A peaceful week – Smudge

smudge at our peak district cottages

Go away! I am resting.

I have had a nice peaceful week at our cottages (click here). Master has been taking idiot brother with him to Buxton so I have been left in peace and quiet. Idiot brother thinks master is taking him so he can help but I think he is taking him to get him out of mistresses way. He really is a pain and personally I think we are better of with him out of the way. Me and mistress get on quite fine without him. I have even had two trips down town shopping. I am not keen on the car bit. I am sure we could walk instead but mistress insists it is too far and needs to take the car. Once I am there I am ok. Its just the car bit I don’t like. Did I tell you of the catastrophe with the card shop?  Mistress used to take me in there quite frequently. They loved dogs so I always got loads of treats etc, then all of a sudden we stopped going in. Something about they don’t sell cards any longer, and the owner has retired. Major disappointment! Well at last a I have found a new supply of treats. The grocers shop. The owners wife, who now works there, likes dogs and provides me with treats. I quite enjoy looking after the shopping while mistress is in the shops even if I do usually get the “I haven’t forgotten the sausage roll  incident” (don’t humans ever forget little indiscretions) . There was, however, one unfortunate incident at one shop.

smudge at our pet friendly cottages

Did I see a Balloon?

I was left outside as usual guarding the shopping but when mistress  came out  she started walking off down the street. She had forgotten me! Luckily she didn’t get far before she remembered and came back (she probably remembered the shopping rather than remembering me!).

We have had a few balloons passing overhead in the last week so it has been fun chasing them away. Not quite as much fun without idiot brother but fun all the same. I am not sure why they come over us but I make sure they don’t land. Idiot brother was relieved to  find that the cows have been moved off our front field. He can now leave the garden and wander in the fields again.

smudge in the fields in front of our pet friendly holiday cottages

OK Girls this way


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