A peaceful week – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me with Master

What a great week I have had at our cottages (click here). Why? Idiot brother hasn’t been here. Master has taken him off to Buxton each day leaving me (and Mistress) in peace and quiet. You just don’t realise how noisy idiot brother actually is until he is not around. Entire hours of duvet time without being interrupted for some reason or other. Mistress has tried to get me outside a few times during the day but as long as I pretend to be asleep she usually goes away after a few minutes. I just hope master takes idiot brother with him next week. Another week of peace – heaven!

Smudge in Buxton near our peak district cottages

Me inspecting our Buxton house

My tranquillity was, however, shattered a bit on Wednesday when mistress decided she would go over to Buxton to help master. Leave me here I pleaded – but to no avail. I had to go in the CAR all the way to Buxton. Now why idiot brother enjoys being with master in a house that doesn’t have any food is beyond me. All master does all day is paint. Can there be anything more boring. I don’t know what I did wrong but I was constantly getting “Smudge you are in the way” from master. Why should I move I was there first. Mind you once he threatened to paint me I decided the garden was the safest  spot. Luckily we were only there a few hours and I could come home to my duvet and some peace.

smudge at our peak district cottages

I know I am on the settee but it was a crisis

Unfortunately for all of us master brings idiot brother back each night so the peace and tranquillity is shattered for the rest of the evening. Why he can’t leave him over there, I don’t know. I might get his dinner if he did get left. Sounds good to me.

There was a bit of a hiccup in my tranquil state of mind on Thursday evening. It started Thundering and Lightening. Now I am not normally a timid dog but I do hate thunder. It just doesn’t do my nerves any good. Of cause all the sympathy I get from master is “Don’t be such a wimp”. Well I am not a wimp but I am scared of thunder. Mistress is a bit more sympathetic so I decided I would sit on her knee. Unfortunately she was typing her blog with her laptop on her knee at the time, so me trying to sit there too didn’t go down well. I was already a wreck so the last thing I needed was to be yelled at further. In the end mistress even let me sit on the settee with her. After all it was a crisis.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Olympics what Olympics?

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? Have you noticed there are no dogs. Why? The competitions are a bit strange as well. Why go round and round a track. Are Humans mad? Surely it is far more fun to chase after things. Where is the food eating competitions? I could enjoy that. Imagine the training I would have to go through. Years and years of feeding me, to build up my stamina for the Gold.


  1. Woof Smudge. I’ve been reading your postings since my master booked one of your cottages for the end of September. I quite agree with you about that Olympic thing. My master sits watching it sometimes. From what I can make out those humans can be quite unfathomable. They run around in circles, throw things and all that and don’t even have anything to eat afterwards. I’ve seen no speed-eating or rabbit chasing.

  2. Speed-eating – Bet I would win. I will get in some training for when you arrive. Rabbit chasing – not too keen on that as it involves a lot of running. The damn things won’t stand still.

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