A new toy and Project Management – Blue

blue with new toy at our pet friendly cottages

My new Toy

First the important things. I have a new toy to play with at our cottages (click here). Nothing particularly spectacular about that. I have quite a few. The important thing about this one is that ‘master’ got me it. Its usually mistress that gets us toys etc (not that there is much point buying Smudge any toys. If he can’t eat it he isn’t interested). Ok so master found it rather than bought it for me but it is the thought that counts. The other great thing is that it ‘glows’ in the dark. This makes it a lot easier to find when he throws it into the dining room in the dark (I am not a bloodhound I am a collie so finding things isn’t that easy). It would be more fun if he played a bit more with me but I am getting him trained. Another few years and he should be up to scratch.

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

‘Me’ time with master

As master hasn’t been feeling too well this week (mistress calls it ‘Man flu’) he hasn’t been working full time at our house in Buxton. As a treat he took me over on Thursday and Friday to carry out a Project Management inspect of the work. Its all a bit muddy which looks great fun to play in (not that I was allowed to). The garden is coming along although I am sure a bit more digging would be helpful (if he would let me). I am not too sure about the fence and gate he intents to put in. It looks a bit constraining to me. How would any dog manage to explore the area if they were fenced in. I don’t think the fence would have deterred me in my prime but I am getting a bit past leaping over 5 foot fences. Never mind there is always other ways out of enclosed spaces! If you can’t go over, go under.

Smudge has been extra excited today. Mistress let it be known that Mozart is back today. Although I enjoy playing with Mozart it is not Mozart that Smudge is so excited about it is his mistress. She has a soft spot for Smudge (why I have no idea) and therefore is forever giving him treats. He thinks he has gone to heaven whenever Mozart is here. What he doesn’t realise (he is a bit slow that way) is that mistress adjusts his dinner to compensate for all the treats. Anyway he is sitting by the door waiting. I think he has started drooling (ah) already.

blue at our peak district cottages


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