A new strategy with cows – Blue

Blue and Shirley Looking twards Chatsworth house

Me and mistress admiring the view

As it was such a nice day it was decided we would go for a walk over by Chatsworth which is only about 5 miles away from our cottages (click here).  We parked at Rowsley and started the walk heading to Calton Lees and on to Chatsworth.  All went well for about a mile then we came across a massive herd of cows.  Now I have been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks, so I thought now is the time to put my plan into action. So I feinted to the right (or “Go Away” in sheepdog language) and then when they started to move towards me, as I assumed they would (they are almost as thick as Smudge), I quickly outflanked them by running back round and going to the left (or “Come Bye”).   It did the trick and I was round them and over the stile before they realised. Smudge of course just walked through them.  Rather him than me.

View towards Chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

View up the valley towards Chatsworth

The rest of the walk, before we stopped for lunch, was uneventful. Other than the constant stopping for mistress  ‘to admire the view’.  We (or more precisely they) had lunch  overlooking Chatsworth House.  I am glad we hadn’t gone to Chatsworth for the day as from where we were, it looked very busy. Unusually for lunch stops, we actually got quite a few tit-bits.

After lunch we headed up over the hills towards the Haddon Estate were we had a brief encounter with some SHEEP.  My new plan for sheep is to stay as close to master as possible.  This is based on the assumption he isn’t going to be too pleased with a sheep getting too near to him and will get rid of it.  Anyhow the plan seemed to work. Again Smudge just walked through the middle of them. Doesn’t he remember our last close encounter with a sheep?

Blue on footpath heading towards Rowsley near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on the path near where we found the bone biscuit.

Then the strangest of things.  On the very last leg, as we were approaching Rowsley, Smudge found a dog bone biscuit left in plain sight on the path.  I think he was so shocked he didn’t just wolf it down in one as he is prone to do.  Luckily this gave master time to get to it and break it in half so we both got some.  Very strange but  – hey don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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