A morning of Peace – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me chilled out

For the last 6 months we have been storing our local village hall tables and chairs at our peak district cottages.  This was to enable the old village hall at Over Haddon to be knocked down and a new one built. Well on Saturday master took the tables and chairs back and helped with the setting up of the hall etc. The good news was that he took idiot brother with him. So I got a whole morning and much of the afternoon free from him. It was wonderful. I could laze in the courtyard without being pestered and check what mistress was up to without being interrupted. Wonderful. Why can’t master take him away more often.

the village hall near our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

The new village hall

Its been very hectic around here again as everyone starts getting the cottages ready for summer.  All the outside furniture is being repainted, and all the fencing, trellis work, paths  etc are being washed. One problem I have is that I have this nagging worry that if I sit around long enough I might get painted. I certainly got wet when master was washing down the steps in front of reception.  Thank goodness all that has finished.

wagtail at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Us watching for the wagtail - we will get him next time

We had a good week for food this week as a number of people forgot mistresses warnings and I managed to sneak in when they weren’t looking. I have a feeling one of the bowls had something strange in the food as it seemed to make me a bit lively – which is a bit odd for me. Anyhow all food is food so no harm done.

We had a bit of  a duvet day on Thursday as master and mistress had to go to a Tourism Conference. As usual NO dogs. I slept the time away but of course idiot brother was up and barking at every noise. Which is just inconsiderate. Why can’t he just chill out or someone put a muzzle on him


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