A good week for food – Smudge

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Is that bit for me?

Its been a busy week at our peak district cottages. We have had lots of friendly dogs staying and even better lots of friendly dog owners. For once I feel almost full. Problem is master has noticed that I am looking a bit ‘fuller’ than normal and I have heard him talking to mistress about reducing my rations to get some ‘weight off me’. Come on I am as thin as a rake as it is. Just when I feel full, people talk about reducing my rations. It is not fair (anyone got the RSPCA telephone number).

My daily routine was to go off for our morning constitution with mistress. Stay with her till we got to the bottom of the field then jump over the wall, where she couldn’t see me, and then double back to the cottages for breakfast. I estimated I had about 5 mins before she realised I was missing then another 5 mins for her to walk back up the fields. Plenty of time to rush round the cottages to check if any breakfast was going free before being called back inside.

smudge at our dog friendly peak district holiday cottages

Can I smell sausages?

Late afternoon/evening when people were back and relaxing with a glass of wine etc was also a fruitful time. Either a quick sneak into a cottage, if they had been kind enough to leave the door open, or a few sad looks and my best ‘I am starving’ look usually resulted in some sort of treat. Problem with this approach was that master and mistress often caught me and sent me back inside. Luckily I usually managed to get around about half the cottages before being ‘caught’.

smudge at our peak district cottages

It’s a dogs life

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