A good and bad week – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Go away. I’ve had a hard day.

The ‘good’ part of the week has been the disposal (in my direction) of all the left over Christmas food. The ‘bad’ part of the week was that there wasn’t much. I can also foresee a bit of a problem coming up. A couple of people who came to see us mentioned in passing that “Smudge looks as though he has put on weight”. ME? I am as thin as a rake. Its just my coat  is a bit thicker at this time of year.

Just when we thought we could go back into  the lounge in an evening, Master’s brother came to visit. It turns out he is now allergic to dogs. So back out into the kitchen again. How can anyone be allergic to dogs? What is there to be allergic of? Well I can see how you could be allergic to idiot brother (who isn’t) but not allergic me. Luckily he only stayed a few days so it wasn’t too bad.

Yesterday we went for a nice walk along Curbar edge (you can see the edge from our cottages (click here)). The edges are always a favourite with mistress as there are such fantastic views along the entire walk.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Looks like plenty left for me

They are great for us as we are allowed off our leads and as mistress spends so much time ‘admiring’ the view we can go off exploring without been called back every few minutes. For once we didn’t do too bad for lunch as master had managed to pack too many sandwiches although Marmite is not my favourite. It wasn’t particularly wet on the edges but it was a bit wet below the edges on the way back. So we got a bit muddy. As usual mistress had to stop for her Afternoon tea before we got back. Then unfortunately we had to be washed. Now it is bad enough when mistress hoses us down but it is twice as bad if master does it. He is a lot rougher and doesn’t seem to care about our complaints. Give me mistress any day. Unfortunately we got master! At least it was over quickly and we do get a treat when we have been dried.

Master seems to fancy himself as the Vidal Sassoon of the dog grooming world. This basically means we get our coat and tail hacked to bits and look as though we are waifs. Mistress is never very impressed with the job he has done and always tries to tidy up the mess he has left but she has no hope. We now have to go around with a cold rear end and every dog in the neighbourhood laughing at us for the next few months.     At least I can’t look as bad as Idiot brother. I think master really went to town on him.

Smudge at Froggatt edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at Curbar Edge


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