A Dog friendly cottage in wales

A little drawn out description of the cottage we stayed in Wales.We had a wonderful time as did 8 dogs

Duration : 0:9:57

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  1. properly she just …
    properly she just barks and when they do go the youngest rounds the other up she also doesnt go if you dotn say it in the right tone :) love how the little dogs have learnt it too. n love the pretty red collie.all the bushy tails running lol cute:) wow id love to be you with all those collies. so jealous!

  2. it looks lovely! …
    it looks lovely! could do with being there now. a little stress relief. :)
    aww bless them doggies lol, having a great time. i love collies so funny n clever. are they ina pack then, is there a leader?
    my grandparents has 2 collies ones getting old and confused now, shes asks for aways lol but doesnt go

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