A day out at last – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages peak district

Me guarding OUR En-suite

Well actually not much of a day out. We don’t seem to have been taken out from our (click here) for ages.  Everyone has been so busy doing things that they seem to have forgotten about us. Anyway yesterday we got taken out. We knew it wasn’t good when we were bundled into the car without the preliminary sandwich making etc.  Smudge of course had to be dragged into the car. Anyhow it turns out we were off to Chesterfield to choose the floor tiles for mistress’s new laundry room. Whoopie! Of course this didn’t include us helping to choose. No one ever asks a dog their opinion and lets face it we have a more intimate contact with the floor than mistress does. We like it nice and snug and not too slippery. On the way  master took mistress for a morning coffee at a little farm cafe shop that has loads of farm animals running around (including funny looking cows they call Llamas).

The Bakewell Photographic society in our peak district cottages game area

Choosing pictures in our games room

Now I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to let us have some exercise (chasing the funny looking cows might have been fun). But oh no we were abandoned in the car while they went off for a coffee. Smudge just went to sleep but I kept a watchful eye on those things that looked like funny cows and chickens wandering about.

Last night master was hosting the local Photographic Society  regional photograph selection evening in our games room so we popped in to help. Everyone was very friendly but they did keep shooing us out of the way.  Smudge got a bit of a biscuit so he was happy.

Shirley inspecting the new games room

Mistress inspects her new laundry room

All the main building work on mistresses new laundry is now complete and the builder has moved on to what has now been defined as OUR en-suite. I wonder if this means we can choose the flooring etc. Anyhow we are looking forward to getting our en suite (whatever one of those is).

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