A day of fun in the snow – Blue

blue in the snow at our pet friendly holiday cottages


Overall it has been a bit of a boring week. No trips over to Buxton with Master. No walks. There have been a few friends in the cottages but they are not allowed out to play too often. Then today it snowed.

Our peak District cottages became white.  The best part of the fun is helping master salt the paths and the bottom of the drive. As usual I am on hand to provide helpful advice and assist where I can (usually by watching what is going on from the 4×4). Then it is out to play in it. Even Smudge was in a playful mood. We went for our usual morning constitution with mistress which is always quite fun as she hates the snow and while we are running around enjoying ourselves she is carefully stepping through the snow.

blue at our peak district cottages

Me inspecting the wall

Luckily we didn’t get too much snow. About 2inch which we can cope with quite easily. Its when we get 12inches we start having problems. As collies we don’t have particularly long legs so we sort of have to jump through the snow. Good fun but a bit exhausting if you want to get anywhere.  Two inches is about right. Lots of fun and no problems.

blue at our pet friendly cottages

Checking the Salt reserves

Once the snow stopped the sun came out and mistress took us for another walk around our grounds – so she could take some photographs. Master joined us as we walked round which is just as well as we had to get a bit near to some sheep. I am not sure what they are eating but they didn’t look very happy so I kept well away from them. As usual it was a bit slow with mistress stopping to take photos every few yards.

Once we got back mistress lit the log burning stove. Smudge plunked himself down in front of it and we haven’t seen or heard of him since. I assume mistress will roll him over next time she checks the fire. I don’t suppose he will move now until dinner time. Me?  I am on standby in case master needs to go out to do some more salting so have to be alert and at the ready.

Has anyone else had any snow?

Blue in our peak district fields

Me looking ‘mean’. ‘ Be scared, be very very scared’

Smudge and blue at our peak district cottages

Playing with Smudge

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