A Chicken Problem – Smudge

Smudge outside our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me Out side our Pet friendly holiday cottages

Here at our Bolehill we had another crisis.  The night before last we went up to put the chicken to bed and couldn’t find her.  Master made a snide remark about me and dinner but I had nothing to do with it.  Idiot brother of course was no where to be seen so he couldn’t take the blame.  In the end I managed to convince master that it was probably a fox.  Anyhow the crisis was averted the next morning when mistress took us out for our morning walk (far more fun with mistress than master). Mistress found her sitting quit happily in our barn we use to store the straw and hay.

It snowed again last night so plenty of fresh snow to play in,  I am getting use to it now. Even if it is a bit cold.  The only problem is that it is now getting so deap in places that we sink up to our tummies which makes running around in the fields a bit difficult.

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