A busy week – Blue

blue at lea gardens near our peak district cottages

OK so it is a Garden - Can I explore?

First it was mistress’s birthday, then Tissington well dressing (its that time of year again) then a walk. I will begin with mistress’s birthday.

We never look forward to mistress’s birthday as it inevitably means going round some garden or other in the rain (it always rains on her birthday). This year was no exception. Of bright and early from our (click here) straight to Lea Gardens where they left us in the car while they went for a morning coffee. We all usually go for morning coffee but as it was raining they didn’t want to sit outside and they don’t allow dogs inside (what a surprise). Anyhow after coffee we had the usual trudge around the gardens on our leads. Mistress enjoyed it but we found it very boring especially as we had to be on leads. It could have been quite fun if we were allowed to go off and explore.

blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for mistress

From Lea Gardens we had to take mistress for her yearly retail therapy session down at junction 28. This basically means master (not us) being dragged around numerous clothes and shoe shops and ending up in the Thornton’s and Cadbury’s seconds shop where she as usual maxed out the credit card.  At least she will have enough chocolate to keep her going for a week or two.

We had only just got home and I had settled down for a well earned snooze when we were dragged off to the Tissington Well Dressing. We did this last year. Why bother again! They looked the same to me. I suppose we did have a bit of a walk around the village. The funniest point was when we got to the village butchers and we had to stay outside. Poor Smudge just sat there drooling.

Blue at Derwent dam near our peak district cottages


Yesterday, as it was so nice, mistress and master decided to take the day off and go for a walk up at the Derwent Dams. It was a beautiful day and it would have been even better if we hadn’t been on our leads most of the day. What is it with humans? There are signs everywhere saying dogs on leads. Why? Just so we don’t chase a few stupid birds or sheep. Well I am not messing around with any sheep as they tend to be a bit vicious for my liking and as for birds! If they are stupid enough to nest on the ground then they deserve to be chased. Sorry that is life! Anyway to comply with the rules we were on our leads most of the day. Mistress did her normal ‘stopping to admire the view’ thing she always does. Poor old Smudge got mistress so he got the worse of it. On the way back we were a bit surprised not to  be stopping for ‘afternoon tea’ but we did stop off at the Chatsworth Farm shop for some essential (for mistress) supplies then popped into the main part of  Chatsworth for mistress to see the crocheted Lions (very boring).

Why aren’t there signs that say ‘Humans should be kept on a lead’? Why pick on dogs???



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