A busy few days – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Just checking on progress

Its been a busy few days at our peak district cottages. People coming and going, builders coming and going and friends arriving and departing.  We have had loads of attention (but not much food).  It all started on Friday when the electricians arrived to start putting wiring things  into mistresses new Laundry.  I think master must have got to them before me as they weren’t very forthcoming with the tidbits at lunch time.  I have given up on the builder there just doesn’t seem to be any hope of food there at all. On Saturday morning there was a major flurry of activity as master and the handyman pulled in cables from the old extension to the new. We tried to help but kept getting told off and that we were in the way. Then in the afternoon master & mistress’s friends from Yorkshire arrived.  This is usually bad news for us, as he is allergic to dogs. Well he is probably allergic to idiot brother but then who wouldn’t be. But luckily we were at least allowed into the lounge (we usually get relegated to the kitchen). They had come up for a CAR rally.  Why would anyone want to sit in a CAR all day. I don’t understand.

The new laundry area at our peak district cottages

The new extension

Sunday wasn’t too good as master is still doing the Tax returns. So we kept out of his way. Later in the afternoon mistress’s sister and partner arrived so we said hello to them. There was 6 around the table for a Chinese meal which seemed very promising from a tidbit point of view but turned out to be hopeless.  We hung around but the best we got was a small piece of prawn cracker.  All that food and none for us – we could have at least helped a little bit.

The electricians are back again today so I will see what lunchtime turns up.

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