A busy Day – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me checking the shopping -

Sunday was a very busy day at our cottages (click here).  Well not for me but for master and mistress.  I was quite exhausted by the time they had finished. Things kept getting moved around and then out to the garage and then back again.  I thought for one terrible moment that we might be moving house. But no – apparently we are having a new extension on the house which means knocking down the old laundry room (where idiot brother hides when it is thundering) and replacing it with a bigger and better Laundry/downstairs toilet and shower room.  Its all very exciting (now I know what is going on).  All the moving around was to empty the old room and move mistress’s washing machines and dryers  so she can still do the laundry while the work is carried out.  There was a very worrying moment when master announced that there was no room for our biscuits and food and they would have to go but luckily mistress found a new place for them.

The weather over the last few days has been just my kind of weather – raining and horrible.  I don’t get thrown outside in this kind of weather so I can spend longer checking out my duvet.  Mistress does sometimes try to encourage me to go out but I just give her my  ‘what -you want me to go out in that weather’ look and she lets me stay in.  Idiot brother of course has not been very happy as he is always wanting to be out – rather him than me.

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