A boring week then more gardens – Blue

Blue in Winster near our pet friendly cottages

Me - Bored to tears

As it has been a little wet at our cottages (click here) we have been kept in most of the week. We did get the odd respite to nip out to check that those cows were behaving themselves but that was about all.  It was quite fun when the ‘hooligans’ (young calves) were let into our field because they had wrecked the wall in their field (typical).  They are far more fun to wind up then the older ones.  Mistress wasn’t too pleased when she found two of them eating their way through her garden.  How they got in I don’t know.  I think they are too stupid to realise that the walls are there to keep them out.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to help get them out and back into the field. I am sure we could have helped.  Anyhow their field wall is mended and they are now back where they should be (and away from mistresses garden).

Winster gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Winster Gardens

On Sunday Mistress decided she wanted to go to see the Open Gardens at Winster (you can see Winster from our front garden). So off we had to trail, to go round MORE gardens. Haven’t we done enough this year.  They are very boring!  We do get the odd pat and stroke as we are going round but apart from that we are mostly very bored.  Its a garden – so what.  If there was anything to chase we wouldn’t be allowed to – so what is the point.  Of course, as usual, we had to stop for mistress to have her ‘afternoon tea’. Nothing for us.

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