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One of our Dogs

One of our Dogs

Over the years we seem to have started specializing in Pet Friendly holidays.  Although we never set out to be in this market we seem to have moved in that direction.  When we took over our cottages (click here) a number of years ago we always had a number of people coming with dogs but over the years this seems to have increased to such a point that one week we had seven of our Eight (click here) with dogs in them.  This was possibly too many as this added up to 11 dogs in all (we contributed 2 boarder collies).  Luckily our dogs tend to get on with most dogs with the possible exception of very small dogs.  We think they are a bit unsure whether to eat them or not.

Our first concern when we arrived, and decided to continue with the previous owners policy of providing pet friendly holidays, was the risks of damage to the cottages and the additional cleaning that would be required.  Luckily (so far) these fears have never materialized and the amount of damage done by dogs is less than that done by children.  The level of cleaning in most cases is less than anticipated.  The vast majority of pet owners are very conscious of the dog hairs etc and clean up before leaving.  The odd guest has left with dog hairs everywhere but this is rare.

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