We were promised a walk – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking after master

So much for our promised walk yesterday. We were supposed to go from our peak district cottages over to Chatsworth for a nice walk and picnic. Its great over at Chatsworth at this time of year although we do seem to have to be on our leads more often than at other times of year. Something about breeding season and us chasing young birds etc – as IF. But master decided he was ill  stayed in bed all day (mistress thinks its had ‘Man flu’. Mistress could have taken us. But then maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good idea as we would have taken hours just to go a few 100 yards as she ‘stops to see the view’ so often its hardly any point moving. Master did get up about 7:00PM by which time of course it was too late to go out.  I must admit he did look a bit rough.  A bit like Smudge after a day with his duvet. No actually. Thinking about it.  Smudge just looks like that most of the time.

pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'helping' with the clearing up

We did get a few fun hours in the sun helping mistress plant out her new bedding shrubs and played with the handyman while he was trying to paint the children’s swings etc but not really the same as going for a nice walk. At last it is getting warmer and I can laze in the courtyard.  We have a very very very big dog here this week. His name is Winston. He came last year but I don’t remember him being this big. We both keep a respectable distance from him – just in case.

Because master has been ill I have not been taken on any trips down town or out to any exciting building merchants etc. Hopefully he will be better soon and we can do the ‘bonding’ bit again.

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