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waiting for dinner

waiting for dinner

A bad bad day! It started off badly at Bolehill Cottages with the mist and drizzle. We just knew that we were in for a wash, when we got back from our morning constitutional with Mistress. Yep – but at least we got washed inside (which is a change) but even so it was very unpleasant. The next bad thing was that we were bundled into the car and I am sure someone said something about VETS.

Now I am not too worried about the vets as we usually get a biscuit or two and the lady on reception always gives us a fuss. So I wasn’t too worried. When the vet opened the fridge, I assumed she was going to give me something to eat but then before I knew about ,it I had had an injection. How did she do that? I didn’t see a needle  or anything. Luckily it didn’t hurt.  Then came the first bad news. My teeth need cleaning.  Why I have no idea. Oh well that can’t be that bad. Master has tried to clean our teeth before and it wasn’t too bad. Then the vet announced I would have to be put to sleep for a while  for them to clean my teeth which sounded great. I like sleeping. Then the bombshell came – I couldn’t be fed for 24 hours before I had a sleep. What! I can’t I survive without food for that length of time. I tried to complain but by this time Master had been told the likely cost and he was in shock (he is a Yorkshireman so things that cost affect him badly).

Just one lick - please!

Just one lick – please!

I was on his side. Far too expensive! Lets forget about it. But the vet pointed out that my teeth would only get worse and then I might have to have a tooth out. How am I going to eat if they take my teeth out? So I suppose better a clean now (and no food for 24 hours) than losing my teeth and not being able to eat at all.  Next we had to be weighed. Another bombshell. I have put on nearly 3 kilo since last year (I did try breathing in but it didn’t help). I am not sure how I have put on 3 kilo on the meagre rations I get.  It could have something to do with the extra cottage food patrols I have been putting in recently. It was only to stave of hunger.  I just new what was coming next. “Smudge you are on a diet!” – HELP!!!

All the way home master was mumbling about cost. I think he is still in shock. Its not him missing out on food for 24 hours. Its me. What has he to worry about.

Idiot brother of course is fine and doesn’t need anything doing.

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