Valentines Day – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

A Duvet Day!!!!

No one sent us a valentines card. Well no one sent me one anyhow and I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to send idiot brother one. There are lots of dogs here at our cottages (click here)  but not one card. No extra food, nothing. Master has been his normal romantic self and took mistress out for the day (without us). Well when I say out, he took her to the cash and carry over in Sheffield. But at least she got her Dunelm fix on the way home. I had a nice relaxing  duvet day (long overdue) but of course idiot brother did his normal ‘security’ dog thing and kept waking me up with his barking. Why can’t he just chill out? Mind you he was a bit annoyed that master hadn’t taken him with him. He has this notion that whenever master goes out he should go with him. He is a dog.  He is supposed to do as he is told.  We did get a nice big chew when they got back so even idiot brother agreed it wasn’t that bad.

smudge at out pet friendly holiday cottages bakewell

Something to chew on.

It has been a week of good news though. On Saturday master’s friend that spoils us a lot suddenly turned up again. We were so glad to see her, we sort of forgot our manners and nearly knocked her over. As usual she came ‘bearing gifts’. Well treats for us. We had a couple of pleasant hours with her before she had to go again. Why can’t everyone feed us as much as she does. It isn’t asking a lot, is it?

The other good news is that one of  our (or my) favourite guest is here. Now master is saying I am getting spoiled but I disagree. I am just getting the attention and treats that any well behaved dog should get. Not the draconian regime we normally live under. Smudge  do this, Smudge do that, no you can’t have any more etc etc. Just a bit of loving kindness and a lot MORE FOOD. That’s all I ask. Idiot brother of course is quite happy as he is. Put him in the car and he thinks he has gone to heaven. Idiot.

Smudge in Bakewell near our pet friendly hoiday cottages

I wonder if he has any food?

Anyhow all that snow has gone at long last. It was a bit cold which I don’t much like. At least we didn’t have to get our paws washed every time we came in. Unfortunately now the snow has melted we are back to the washed paws game again.  I am trying to learn how to stand on one leg (to avoid the water) but it isn’t easy.


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