Trouble with a Cow – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me being 'washed down'

Well I know it is idiot brother that is supposed to be doing this blog but its about a problem we have had with a cow so it is not much point asking him as he was hiding behind a fence.

There I was making monumental decisions at our cottages (click here)  such as ‘should I turn over now’ or ‘should I leave it for a bit longer’ when a phone call came in saying there was a cow on our back lawn.  Well I was ready immediately. Cow dog to the rescue. Unfortunately Mistress and Master didn’t quite see it that way. Something about I would be more of a nuisance than a help. Cheek! Anyhow they went out in the drizzly rain to sort the cow out. Well of course without my help they made a total hash of it. As soon as they had got it back into the field it just jumped over the broken wall again back into the garden (I could have told them that is what would happen).  So they had to get it out again.  In the end they realised that they needed my skills. I had to sit guarding the broken wall (with mistress) while master went off to get a new piece of electric fence (that keeps the damn things out).

A cow at our pet friendly holiday cottages

The perpetrator

Mistress was having a bit of a problem controlling them as they can be quite cunning if you don’t know them. One can faint to the left while another makes a break for the wall. However, once I was on the job some semblance of control was established. They know me. And they know I won’t be messed with. So they started towing the line and behaving themselves. Idiot brother was of course no where to be seen. You could hear a distant bark as he tried telling them what to do from the safety of our front garden. They of course just ignored him.

When at last master got back and set up the electric fence we could all relax a bit. We then just had to make sure they weren’t so stupid as to walk through it.  Luckily they weren’t and we could all go back in. What do I then get for my troubles? A wash down! I don’t think I deserved that. I wasn’t particularly muddy (well maybe just a bit). At least I got a chew for helping although why idiot brother got one too, I have no idea.

A cow in our garden at our peak district cottages

The perpetrator being disrespectful

Anyhow mistress has awarded cow no 885 two ASBOs. One for coming into the garden the first time and a second for coming in again. She nearly gave it three. The third would have been for disrespectful behavior (see photo).  I must point out that any cow getting three ASBOs in a season becomes Beef Burgers (which I hope I will be allowed to sample).


PS – I have just helped to clear the drive of cows and what have I had in return – Another Full WASH. It just isn’t fair.


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