Salt Cellar Derwent edge Walk – Blue

Blue at the Salt Cellar near our pet friendly cottages

Me at the ROCK!

A walk on the moors but not as we know it! As it was a nice day it was decided we would walk up to the Salt Cellar from Ladybower Reservoir. As the heather was also in flower this seemed like a really good idea. Master packed everything as mistress was busy with the washing etc. Off we went very early for us (you need to be there early to get a parking space) and got there about 10:00. Ladybower is about 25-30 mins from our cottages (click here).  We were about to set of when it was realised that master had forgotten to pack our leads. Typical – I new I should have got mistress to check everything. Luckily there was a spare set of short leads in the car. So no problem. Off we went thinking that we would be let of our leads once we were away from the road. But Oh NO!. When we go to the forest path there was a great big sign that said “NO DOGS EXCEPT ON LEADS due to nesting birds”.  There was also a sign that said “Shooting Today”. Which sounded a bot worrying.  So off we went and for the first time since we were puppies we were on leads ALL day. Not only leads but short leads. At least we didn’t have to do that “at heal” thing we have to do down town. That is definitely for the more namby pamby dog. Not the roughy toughy worldly dogs like us (well like me anyhow – not sure about smudge). I was lucky I got master. Poor old Smudge (deserves him right) got mistress all day. Which meant walking at about 1 mile an hour and stopping to ‘admire the view’ every 2 or 3 steps.  He was not happy as he likes to be out in front checking the route but all he saw all day was masters boots in front of him.  The heather was out and mistress and master were very impressed. So would we have been if we had been allowed to play in it. We met some of the Shoot beaters who had dogs with them. They weren’t on leads. If we had been given a chance I am sure we could have helped. After all we have been practicing for years. In fact we practice, by chasing swallows, most days (during summer). How hard can it be?  Anyway we got to the Salt Cellar after about 3 miles of walking. Well what can I say. Its a rock. No point hanging around lets go. But Oh No. We had to do the photographs, stare  in wonder at the ROCK before we could move on.

Blue at Ladybower reservoir near our peak district cottages

Me with Ladybower reservoir in the background

We stopped for lunch near to the Rock. Master found a handy ledge where we could  sit and admire the view (well mistress did). Smudge fell asleep (once all the food had gone) and I spent the  time catching flies. There were millions of them.  I think they are called Heather Flies.  They come out on the moors when the Heather is in flower and swarm when the sun is out. As soon as the sun goes in, they disappear.  After my escapade with the wasps I am a bit more wary about flying things but these seemed OK and didn’t seem to bite and were great fun to catch (which wasn’t difficult).  After lunch, which wasn’t too bad as we had a few scraps, we went ‘off piste’. This meant scrambling over a load of gorse and heather etc. to get to a lower path. Great fun (would have been better off our leads) but mistress was very very slow. Smudge was lucky. Master looked after both of us on the way down. We could have had major fun if we had been off our leads as we disturbed a load of rabbits and could have chased them for ages. Instead they just stood around 20-30 yards away sneering at us. Let me get at them!

Blue at our peak district cottages

OK so what is the next job!

The walk back was uneventful other than master having to take Smudge for mistress’s ‘final decent’. We got back to the car then went  to look at the Howden and Derwent reservoirs. They seemed very empty to us but then what do dogs know about reservoirs (you can’t eat them, chase them or play with them so what is the point). On the way back, as usual, we had to stop for mistress’s afternoon tea. At least they sat outside and allowed us to join them even if we didn’t get anything.

You can see more of master’s photos on our cottages Facebook Fan Page at – pictures.


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