Plan E = Chee Dale – Blue

Blue in Chee Dale near our pet friendly Holiday Cottages

Me in Chee Dale

Well as mistress was convinced we were going to get some nice weather we all sat down to plan where we would go. Plan A was to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park & National Coal Mining museum. It was decided this wasn’t a good idea as dogs aren’t allowed down mines. So although it would have been fun to see the sculptures, we would have had to sit in the car for part of the day.  So we vetoed it. Plan B was Biddulph Gardens – we vetoed this as it is National Trust and they don’t like dogs so we probably wouldn’t be allowed in the grounds. Plan C was to go to the National Arboretum – we also vetoed this as they don’t like dogs either. Plan D was a walk in Dove Dale – we were up for this as we like Dove Dale. However, mistress stubbed her little toe last week and she thought it was a bit of a long walk. Plan E   was a walk in

Blue near our Pet friendly holiday cottages

Me with a friend

Chee Dale. Everyone agreed that this was Ok. So we set off from our cottages (click here) to Millers Dale (about 10 mins away) and started out along the Monsal Trail and then dropped down into Chee Dale. We were allowed of our leads from the start so we went off ahead to check things out. After about 15 mins we found out that Chee Dale had been a very very bad mistake. Not only was there a lot of  ‘admiring the scenery’ by Mistress but worse, because she thought it was a bit slippery (we didn’t), we all had to go at a snails pace. I must admit even master found it a bit slow going at times but mistress I think was wishing we had gone with plan D. Anyhow as everyone was watching were they were going we could get on with exploring without too many interruptions. Even Smudge lost his footing on one of the stepping stones and nearly fell in. I thought it was particularly funny.

blue in Chee Dale near out pet friendly holiday cottages

Me checking to see where everyone was

Anyhow mistress recovered when we got out of the dale as there was somewhere to buy an Ice-cream. They didn’t buy us one although we did make friends with a little dog who lived there. We sat down high up looking over the Monsal Trail in glorious sunshine where everyone but me had a rest. I though I should explore a little more just in case. At least the journey back was a lot quicker as mistress didn’t have to watch out for slippery boulders etc. There was a bit of a scary moment when we went through a field with some sheep but I kept close to master just in case. We arrived back at the car just in time for mistress’s afternoon tea. Amazingly she didn’t want to bother. I think she was exhausted from the earlier part of the walk. Well there has to be a first time for everything but I have a feeling we won’t be walking in Chee dale again for a while which is a shame as we enjoyed it.


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