Over worked and under fed – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Showing 'them' who is boss

Last week was great. There were loads of dogs at our cottages (click here) but this week all the dogs have gone. What happened? Did I say something? Did idiot brother do something? I was just starting to put on some weight (at last) when all of a sudden my food sources dried up. How come people who don’t have dogs aren’t as generous with food as those that have dogs.

Smudge at our peak district dog cottages

Keeping an eye on the stragglers

Last week I could wander from cottage to cottage and be virtually guaranteed to get a snack at each cottage (don’t tell mistress or she will cut my meagre rations down even further). This week I wander from cottage to cottage and do my sad dog bit but nothing. Not even a good morning Smudge.

Smudge at the farm near our pet friendly cottages

Making sure they all go in.

I even got dragged out to do my cow dog bit (see pictures). No – Smudge could you come and help! Just Smudge get in the CAR. To be honest I do rather enjoy bringing in the cows. Its quite easy really. We (Master and me as idiot brother is scared of cows) walk down the field, master gives the command, and I start rounding them up and sending them towards the milking parlour. Most of them know what they are supposed to do  but a few of them, that don’t know me well, ‘try it on’ but I soon get the measure of them and off they go.  But NO extra rations for all my hard work!!!

At least it has been warm and we could laze out in the courtyard or front garden. One problem. I have had to put up with idiot brother all week. Master seems to have stopped taking him over to Buxton. So I have to put up with him all week. At least with the heat he seems to be a bit less bouncy and a bit more inclined to soak up the sun.

pet friendly cottages near bakewell

A well earned nap


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