Oops – Smudge

oops at our peak district cottages


As you can see from the picture master had a bit of an oops at our cottages (click here). I personally think it was idiot brothers fault. He probably got in the way. It all happened last week. Our drive didn’t seem particularly icy so master had not salted it (which he usually does, with our help, when there is snow or ice around). He and idiot brother went off down town on some errand or other, leaving me at home, thank goodness. Next thing I notice is master’s 4×4 stuck in the wall at the bottom of the drive and the farmer is pulling it out. Now I can’t believe that master was stupid enough to have skidded into one of our own walls without the help of idiot brother. Idiot brother swears he had nothing to do with it but I am not sure. Anyhow after getting the car pulled out from the wall, master inspected the damage and was very relieved to find that the only damage was a bit of scratched paint on the bumper. Thank goodness for that. Master would have been in a really bad mood for the rest of the day if any serious damage had been done. The wall isn’t in such a good state though and will need rebuilding before the cows come back next year. At least one good thing – I won’t have to jump over that bit of wall for a few months.

Mistress is getting a bit fed up with all the snow. It isn’t as bad as last year but she still doesn’t like it,  especially when she is trying to get the cottages ready for Christmas. We all try to help but she seems to want to do it herself. Well I can’t blame her for not wanting any help from idiot brother but I am sure I could help her to do something. For instance I could check the mince pies or make sure any food was up to scratch. Anyway the snow seems to have gone, so I suppose it will be back to having our paws washed every time we go out!

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday Peak district cottages

Me having fun in the snow

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