Not another Garden – Smudge

Smudge at Consall Gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at another GARDEN

I think I will howl if we get dragged round another garden.  Whats wrong with taking us for a walk in open fields? Lets face it there are plenty of beautiful spots to go for a walk that are only a few minutes away from our cottages (click here).  At least there we are allowed to run around off our leads. In a GARDEN we have to be on our leads and on our best behavior (which is very difficult for idiot brother). So why do we keep getting dragged to gardens? Because mistress likes them.  Not sure about master! I think he just goes along for an easy life. Anyway on Wednesday we got dragged off in the CAR to Consall Hall Gardens.   I suppose it wasn’t too bad as at  least we had a long walk around the miles of footpaths and tracks.  Lunch as usual was a total wash out – not even a crumb.

Consall Gardens near our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Consall Gardens

I think idiot brother has given up on ever getting fed at lunch time.  He just curls up and goes to sleep.  Me –  I stay alert and ready. Just in case!

In the evening I was allowed to show of my cow herding skills again as master and mistress helped to get the milk cows in for the farm opposite.  This is great fun and no idiot brother. He has to be left at home as he is scared of cows.  I have no problem with the cows.  They know who is boss.  Master does seem to get a bit irate with me when I try and nip them to get them moving, but I am sure I have heard somewhere that is what you are supposed to do.  I do admit I might be just a little bit over enthusiastic at times but it is only because I am trying to help.

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