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Smudge at another well

Another day another well.

How many more wells can there be?  What wells have we done so far? Tissington, Over Haddon, Monyash, Youlgrave, Litton. How many more can there be?  I am sure it was not this bad last year. At least we got let off having to go round the Bakewell ones. Master didn’t. He got dragged round but luckly we were left at home. Then last weekend we had to ‘do’ another set of gardens. This time over at Great Longstone which is about 10 mins from our cottages (click here).  At least we got a nice walk up to one of the houses outside the village which was doing afternoon teas – a must for mistress.  At last the weather is improving so we managed to get in a picnic at mistresses favourite picnic spot. It also happens to be a great spot for swallow chasing so we were a bit preoccupied with that but did pop back every now and then to check for any left over food.

A 'team' photo (including idiot brother)

There have been quite a few dogs staying at our dog friendly holiday cottages in the last few weeks. So we have had lots of friends to run around with and a few cottages where I could put on my ‘I am starved’ look and get away with it. One cottage was especially generous so I made sure I went round a few times a day. Don’t tell mistress. My current meagre rations might get cut back even more.

Master and mistress’s friends from Yorkshire came over to stay for a couple of days. You know the ones that are allergic to dogs!  The bad news is we got banned to the kitchen a few times in the evening but the good news is that we got taken for a couple of  decent walks. The first was a bit short but was through the newly opened Monsal Trail Tunnels which was different and the other was up in the Goyt valley were we have been a few times before.

Smudge in a garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

I hate Gardens!

The Goyt valley was the bestest walk as we were let off our leads most of the day.  The only serious problem was with mistress and her friend. Between them they are even slower than mistress on her own. At least we got 4 sets of sandwiches we could get some leftovers from.


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