Monsal Trail and tunnels – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at the start of one of the Tunnels

I know Smudge mentioned in his blog about us having a walk along the new Monsal trail but being Smudge of course he didn’t tell you much about it. So I though I would, as I found the new trail very exciting. Over the last few months they have opened up all the old tunnels along the Monsal trail. So you can now walk (or cycle) from Bakewell all the way to Buxton.

Anyhow last week off we went with Master and Mistress’s friends. The trail is not far from our Bolehill Holiday cottages. In fact if you wanted to walk from Bakewell it would be no more than 2.5miles. But we decided to go to Cressbrook and walk round Cressbrook and join the trail further along, so mistress could see the new views from between the tunnels, and then walk back to Monsal Head.

blue in a tunnel near our peak district cottages

Me in one of the tunnels

It has to be said that master wanted to hire electric bikes from the Hassop Bike Hire Shop (which is on the trail near Bakewell) but he was overruled.  I wasn’t sure about the bikes bit either. It would have meant that Smudge and I would have had to run all the way. Fine for me but Smudge is a bit overweight and may not of made it.

I can report that the trail is very similar to what it was before.  Lots of smells, plenty of areas to explore and we are allowed off our leads for a while.  The tunnels looked a bit foreboding when I first looked at them but once I realised they were well lit and there were loads of different areas to explore inside them it was great fun.  They have even tarmaced the path for us so it makes it easier on or paws (very considerate towards dogs I thought).

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'chilling' in our front garden

Of course we had to do a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ bit after emerging from each of the tunnels which slowed us down a bit but mistress enjoyed it.  Once we go to Monsal Head we had to climb out of the dale to the tea shop at the top where of course mistress had to have Coffee and a cake. Nothing for us of course.

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