Happy New Year – Smudge

Well what a washout. I am sure I heard somewhere that Christmas was supposed to be a GIVING time. Well! no one gave me anything. All that food and not even a small taste. I suppose we did get a few scrag ends but that was about it. As I am sure idiot brother has explained, we even had to spend most of Christmas in the kitchen which wasn’t too bad except I had to share it with HIM. The least little noise outside and he started woofing. How is a dog suppose to sleep with that racket going on.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Just let me have a Sniff

On the positive side we did get a few walks and everyone who stayed at our cottages (click here) made a fuss of us (even if they didn’t leave out many scraps).

Anyhow less about last year and more about this year. Well actually this year has been a disaster so far as well. I dare not go out any more. Every time I do, I come back to have my paws washed or a full shower. Now I don’t like water at the best of times, but when all I want to do is lie down in front of the fire for a nap and all I get is mistress coming along with a bucket of cold water, I am not impressed.  So I have decided it is safer to stay inside. Of course every now and then I get physically evicted (to do what a dog has got to do) by mistress or master but at least it has cut down on the number of washes a day.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Me with master

I have been helping mistress to take down the Christmas decorations. Well actually I have just been lying in fron of the fire which I reckon is sort of helping as Mistress could see where I was and could walk around me. Idiot brother of course has just been getting in the way. Master at last has taken down the outside lights (after a lot of grumbling). Mistress has been off  Sales shopping on her own much to the relief of master. So I suppose all in all the new year has started pretty much like any other (except warmer than last year).

christmas lights at Bolehill farm

Christmas Lights in the Courtyard.



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