Cycling the Monsal Trail – Smudge

Smudge on the Viaduct at Monsel head

Me posing with Mistress at Monsal head

At long last we have found a way of getting mistress to keep up with us. It was masters idea. Stick her on two wheels. Tuesday looked like it was going to be the best day for some time so it was decided we would go for a walk.  As the tunnels along the Monsal trail are now open there are a couple of cycle hire places along the trail. So off we went to Hassop Station (about 10 mins from ourcottages (click here)).  We had to wait in the car while they got kitted out. Both came back wearing funny hats and these 2 wheeled things. They did look a bit silly. Anyway as soon as we set off we knew something was different.  We kept getting yelled at to get out of the way. Not usually a problem as we are miles ahead of them (especially mistress). Once we had figured out that it wasn’t going to be one of those backwards and forwards type walks we started to enjoy it.

smudge on the monsal trail near our pet freindly holiday cottages

Mistress keeping up with us.

Not only was mistress keeping up with us, we didn’t get any of the ‘admiring the scenery’ thing.  So we actually progressed rather than dithering about. It did mean that we hadn’t as much time to explore and check things out but it was a nice change to keep going.

We got as far as Millers Dale, where we had started last weeks walk, before mistress was complaining about being exhausted (we were just getting warmed up). So they found a bench and sat down to lunch. For the first time ever we had lunch with another group of walkers. Once I had figured out I wasn’t going to get anything else to eat from master and mistress I put on my ‘I am a starved dog’ look and went round the other walkers. Works every time. Loads of tit-bits.

On the way back mistress realised why she had felt so tired. It had been uphill all the way from Hassop which of course meant it was downhill all the way back. That made her very happy. We got back to Hassop in time for what mistress felt was a well deserved afternoon tea.

Hassop near our pet friendly holiday cottages

At Hassop for afternoon tea

Just an aside. I must tell you what idiot brother did before we went off for a walk. Mistress took us out for our morning constitutional but he spent the entire time in the bushes behind the car park. When he emerged he was absolutely covered with those little sticky balls.  You know the ones that get everywhere.  The idiot had been crawling through the weeds and everything. Master spend about 30 mins trying to get them out of his fur and from behind his ears etc. There were 100’s of them . I think he still has a few stuck to him.

Oh and before you ask – yes they are both complaining about sore bums today.



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