Chatsworth Sculptures – Smudge

Smudge at Chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me near the Lion

Well it is that time again! Chatsworth Sculpture time. As Chatsworth is only a few minutes from our peak district cottages we always pick a nice day and go for a walk around the outdoor sculptures. Well that is what they call them. Master calls them something else altogether. Its always a pleasant day out (even if we do have to be on our best behaviour and on our leads). Chatsworth is huge so there is plenty of walking, sniffing and general exploring to do. Unfortunately there is also a lot of sitting and admiring as well (or in masters case a lot of ‘what is that supposed to be?’) I must admit I would have thought the Duke would be very cross with the people that dumped a load of rusty metal on his front lawn.

Smudge at Chatsworth near our peak district cottages

Me next to the rusty metal thing

Master would have gone up the wall. We all agreed that the best ‘sculpture’ was the lion. The worse was a couple of rocks in amongst existing rocks. I personally think they just put a rope and sign around it to fool people. Of course we weren’t allowed around the house – as usual NO DOGS! we did manage to join master and mistress for lunch outside at the cafe. Not that we got more than a few scraps.

One of our favorite guests has just left. For years we have had great fun with the lady as she is scared of dogs. Ever since we were puppies we have been able to make her do what we want.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in our fields

I personally can’t see how anyone can be scared of idiot brother but I must admit that when I put on my ‘bad dog’ look, I can look mean. Anyhow, this year something went wrong. Either we are losing our touch or she has become so used to us she is no longer scared which took the fun out of things.  I suppose the upside is she did make a nice fuss of us and even gave us the odd tit-bit. Maybe I will work on my ‘bad dog’ look for New year when they are returning.

Master has put some more pictures of the Sculpture things on our cottages facebook Page see

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