A walk in upper Dove Dale – Smudge

smudge in dove dale near our peak district cottages

Dirty but Happy

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. It is all master’s fault. He wouldn’t let me on his computer (we don’t have our own) as he was busy building mistress’s new computer and doing things over in Buxton. Anyhow I am here now to tell you about our walk in upper Dove Dale .

As Sunday was such a nice day, mistress and master, decided to take a day off (about time too). So off we went from our cottages (click here)over to Longnor were we parked and set off down to the upper part of the River Manifold. As we know this walk well we were allowed off our leads early on to go off and explore. After walking down the River for a while we turned up by a farm (back on our leads) and then up a farm track to the top of a ridge and down into the upper part of the River Dove (off our leads).

smudge near our peak district cottages

Wind in my hair .....

We had the normal ‘stopping to admire’ the view from mistress but on the whole we kept going. For lunch we stopped at a spot overlooking upper Dove Dale. For once we got quite a lot of tit bits, as master seemed to have made too many sandwiches.Lucky for us as they never bring anything for our lunch.

After lunch we walked down to Cowdecote and through the village. A few fields had cows in them that were a bit too friendly for idiot brother. He had to be put on his lead to stop him running off. They don’t scare me. I just either ignore them or face them down. They always back off in the end. Most of them are very friendly. Unfortunately idiot brother doesn’t see it this way and is terrified of them. So master had to drag him through a few fields on his lead to stop him running off. Not that he would disappear. He would just run off into another field and try and follow us from that field. Well of course he is then off the path and gets stuck so master has to go and rescue him. All in all it is easier to put him on a lead and drag him through any cows. Unfortunately the last field we walked through master didn’t spot the cows until it was too late – he was off.

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages in derbyshire

My kind of size for a food bowl

They were very friendly youngsters that were just curious so milled around us all the way through the field. I did have a few problems with one or two of them as they didn’t realise just what a professional cow dog I am and tried to intimidate me. But after a few stares and snapping of teeth they got the message and by the time we got to the end of the field they were behaving themselves. Idiot brother was there waiting for us well away from the cows.

At the end of the walk mistress had to have her afternoon tea. So we all sat outside at the Longnor Cafe and enjoyed the late afternoon sun.

I have been honing my skills as a cow dog yet again but this time with mistress (as master was busy). We had to take  idiot brother along, although all he did was sit in the car. Fat lot of use he would have been anyhow. As mistress is a bit of a novice with herding cows I had to show her what to do but she got the hang of it pretty quickly and we managed to get the cows in for milking without too much of a fuss.

smudge at the farm opposite our pet friendly hiliday cottages


PS. The bad news was that after our walk we both got washed down.  Why does master always use very cold water?

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