A walk in Padley Gorge – Smudge

smudge near our peak district cottages


At long last a nice day and mistress and master not working at our cottages (click here).  So we could go out for a walk.  About time too. First it was decided we would go to Lathkill Dale. That’s my favourite walk as we don’t have to go in the car. We just walk from home. Then it was decided we would go to Padley Gorge so master could take some pictures (he still fancies himself as a photographer). We both carefully checked to make sure the sandwiches were being prepared (we weren’t going to be fooled again like last week) and made sure they picked up our leads. Then off  in the CAR we went. Luckily it wasn’t far – about 10-15 mins. Once there we managed to park at the station at the bottom of the Gorge.  We were let off our leads almost from the start which we much prefer. It was a beautiful day and the trees were a wonderful colour which unfortunately meant both master and mistress were forever stopping to take photographs. Master decided we would go up the trickier part of the gorge, nearer to the water, which we thought was great fun(scrambling up boulders etc)  but mistress found it hard going. She had to do her usual trick of sliding down steep bits on her bum which is always entertaining.

padley Gorge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Padley Gorge

However, the most entertaining part of the walk was when master tried to get into the middle of the gorge to take a photograph.  He slipped and very nearly fell in the water. Luckily he managed to grab a rock before he went in. I went over to see if I could help but he had managed to scramble back. Of course idiot brother just sat and watched.

Lunch time was good. Lucky for us master had packed too many sandwiches so there was some scraps left over for us. After lunch we walked back along a route we hadn’t taken before. Of course mistress got lost and master, with his sat nav, wasn’t much better. Why they don’t tell us where they want to go and leave it up to us I don’t know. Anyhow luckily we got lost almost back at the beginning of the walk. So after a short while we stumbled back on to a track along the gorge we had used on a previous walk.

smudge waiting for lunch near our peak district cottages

Waiting for Lunch

Mistress was so full, after her lunch time snack, that she didn’t even want afternoon tea. Which was a bit strange. So we went straight home. It turns out that the walk was only 4 miles. Its just that they made such a meal of going up the gorge it took us (I mean them) ages. Anyhow it was a very enjoyable day out and even idiot brother behaved himself – for once.

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages in the peak district

Me first

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