A walk from Calver – Blue

Smudge and blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

And all we get is water

Its been very hectic around here at our peak district cottages. Master is still installing carpets and generally being grumpy.  I have been able to help here and there and did manage to take him out a few times to get some materials he needed (not that he appreciated it).  He does tend to get a bit up tight when he is fitting carpet. Not sure why – it looks easy enough to me.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on a small bridge

Smudge of course has been soaking up the sympathy since he hurt his paw (serves him right). I did get some of the fall out from his ‘injury’ (he isn’t even limping – whenever I hurt myself I never get any sympathy) because he got taken to the vet, master remembered that we hadn’t had our yearly booster so I got dragged down to the vet by mistress. How unfair is that? Smudge hurts himself and I get an injection!

the river derwent near our peak district cottages

The River Derwent near Calver

Anyway it isn’t all doom and gloom we did get taken out for a walk. We started by walking up the River Derwent then through Calver (10 mins from Bolehill Cottages) and then up a steep hill (as usual mistress took ages) to the  top of Bramley Plantation where we were supposed to stop for lunch. Good!  I thought. On the last walk we didn’t do too bad for tit-bits. But oh no! We had to find somewhere with a ‘view’. Why? We are having lunch not admiring the landscape. So on we trudged for a few more miles until at last mistress found a spot that was suitable (with a view). We did get a few tit-bits from mistress but as usual nothing from master. The rest of the walk was all downhill so mistress managed to keep up.

We seem to have lost our marauding hoard of sheep. They seem to have disappeared across the road where they can’t get at us.  Just as well!  I was never very sure about them. They looked a bit vicious to me.

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