Its all a bit worrying – Smudge

My new mat -

My new mat –

Mistress has gone on holiday for a week and left us with Master. Well what can I say. I am worried. He is not the most reliable person at the best of times and without mistress around I am very very worried. OK he has so far remembered to feed us but will he remember tonight and the next night etc. And what about those little treats mistress gives us every now and then. Nothing from him. I keep trying to remind him but just get the old “You’re Fat Smudge go away”. How can I be fat I am starved to death. I am only a former shadow of myself.

I have also noticed something very sinister and worrying. An ‘S’ has materialised on the side of the bowl I get my dinner in. Now normally we both have identical bowls so why all of a sudden has mine been identified with a ‘S’ (for Smudge I assume). Does this mean I am getting a different dinner to idiot brother? Does it mean I am getting less than him? I have had my suspicions for a while about this as I always seem to finish before him which would suggest I get less. Oh well I will have to redouble my efforts to cadge food from the cottages.

Lunch time

Lunch time

The other thing I notice with mistress not here is a lot more shouting. Usually at idiot brother but sometimes in my direction. I don’t like shouting – it often wakes me up. Of course idiot brother is just impervious to it and carries on with whatever he is up to, which usually results in master getting even more irate with him.

At least the weather is improving and we can get out more. The only problem with that is, if it is wet we have to go through the paw washing routine. This isn’t too bad with mistress but with master ……….. Our friend the wagtail is back on our cottage’s roof so we spend many a happy hour chasing him. Of course there is always the odd hare about in our fields to chase but I am getting a bit bored with them as they run too fast for me. The odd squirrel is always a handy distraction. The thing I like best about spring is just lying in the courtyard soaking up the sun (preferably without idiot brother around).

OK I shouldn't of eaten it ...

OK I shouldn’t of eaten it …