Another Quiet Week – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

All I get is an empty Box!

Luckily idiot brother has, once again, been away most of the week with master over at the Buxton house. He still thinks he is helping but I am sure he is just getting in the way and being a general pain. He seems to enjoy it as he is always eager to get in the car to go with master. Me? I prefer to stay at home with Mistress. We go out for the odd walk around our cottages (click here) fields and pop down town to get the shopping. But generally I get to spend most of the time on my duvet which is where I like to be. I did get dragged over to Chesterfield, to do some shopping, but without idiot brother in the car at least I could stretch out on the back seat. I also didn’t get all the annoying barking every time someone passed by the car when we were parked up. I did notice that there was a sad lack of anything to eat  amongst mistress’s shopping which was a bit of a disappointment.

inside at our peak district pet friendly cottages

Just checking the fire.

Its getting a bit colder around here so mistress has started lighting the fire in an evening. I love the fire. I can get all toasty on one side and if I am lucky mistress will come in and turn me over to do my other side (its all a bit of an effort to turn over myself). Unfortunately idiot brother is around in the evenings so it isn’t quite as peaceful as during the day but with luck he is in masters study so I get the fire to myself. With all the rain it has been a bit muddy in our fields which inevitably means we have to be washed down when we come in. Why do humans always wash us in cold water? They don’t get hosed down with freezing cold water and told to take it ‘Like a Dog’. No! They get a nice hot shower in the warmth.   Mistress does keep taking about buying us some boots but master thinks that we are roughy toughy outdoor dogs. I am not. I am an inside in the warmth sort of dog. If it means I don’t get hosed down every time I go out, give me the boots.

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Oh no! Not the hose pipe.

Smudge has gone mad! – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

It’s Mine!

I am not sure what the problem is but all of a sudden Smudge has gone completely ‘barking mad’. For the last week he has been as mad as a march hare. Always wanting to play, chasing me around the house, play fighting etc. I am exhausted.  What has happened to the docile, sleeping, eating brother I had last week. I am suppose to be the mad one not him. Master and mistress are equally perplexed. He isn’t getting fed anything differently so what has got into him? We suspect he has found a stash of ‘blue smarties’ or something similar. But if he has he hasn’t told me about them. Well hopefully he will be back to normal next week. I hope so because I can’t keep up with him as he is.

blue at our peak district cottages

Bubble packaging my favourite!

I disgraced myself a bit this week. I was helping out at our Buxton house when mistress dropped in to see how we were getting on. In my excitement to see her I forgot that my paws were a bit muddy (well to tell you the truth they were filthy) and I jumped up to greet her. She was not amused as she had one of her best jumpers on. I thought it looked quite fetching with black paw marks on in but she didn’t. Smudge came along too but wasn’t that impressed with what I had achieved over the last few weeks. All he could see was a mud bath with some walls and fencing around it. What I could see was a well designed dog garden that was partly complete. When we got back that evening, to our (click here),  I again forgot about my dirty paws and greeted mistress in my normal way. Another jumper with black paw marks on it. Oops! She was not very happy. So I was in the dog house for the rest of the evening.

Blue at Chatsworth

Me at Chatsworth

A peaceful week – Smudge

smudge at our peak district cottages

Go away! I am resting.

I have had a nice peaceful week at our cottages (click here). Master has been taking idiot brother with him to Buxton so I have been left in peace and quiet. Idiot brother thinks master is taking him so he can help but I think he is taking him to get him out of mistresses way. He really is a pain and personally I think we are better of with him out of the way. Me and mistress get on quite fine without him. I have even had two trips down town shopping. I am not keen on the car bit. I am sure we could walk instead but mistress insists it is too far and needs to take the car. Once I am there I am ok. Its just the car bit I don’t like. Did I tell you of the catastrophe with the card shop?  Mistress used to take me in there quite frequently. They loved dogs so I always got loads of treats etc, then all of a sudden we stopped going in. Something about they don’t sell cards any longer, and the owner has retired. Major disappointment! Well at last a I have found a new supply of treats. The grocers shop. The owners wife, who now works there, likes dogs and provides me with treats. I quite enjoy looking after the shopping while mistress is in the shops even if I do usually get the “I haven’t forgotten the sausage roll  incident” (don’t humans ever forget little indiscretions) . There was, however, one unfortunate incident at one shop.

smudge at our pet friendly cottages

Did I see a Balloon?

I was left outside as usual guarding the shopping but when mistress  came out  she started walking off down the street. She had forgotten me! Luckily she didn’t get far before she remembered and came back (she probably remembered the shopping rather than remembering me!).

We have had a few balloons passing overhead in the last week so it has been fun chasing them away. Not quite as much fun without idiot brother but fun all the same. I am not sure why they come over us but I make sure they don’t land. Idiot brother was relieved to  find that the cows have been moved off our front field. He can now leave the garden and wander in the fields again.

smudge in the fields in front of our pet friendly holiday cottages

OK Girls this way


Chatsworth and Buxton – Blue

Blue in Buxton near our peak district cottages

Looks Interesting

For once I have had quite an interesting week. On Friday master asked me to go over to our Buxton house to help him with some painting and outside work. Well as I had nothing on that day, at our cottages (click here), I agreed to go. He is getting quite behind over there, so every little helps. Unfortunately it didn’t start well as when I arrived I brushed past a newly painted white gloss door. No one told me it had just been painted! It made a right mess of my coat which no one was interested in. They were just interested in the number of MY hairs that had stuck to the door.

blue at buxton

Let me help

Well there is gratitude for you. I break into my busy schedule  to come and help and all I get is yelled at for something that wasn’t my fault. It didn’t go too badly after everyone had calmed down.  Lunch was a bit disappointing I am not too keen on Kentucky chips. I suppose I could have taken them back to Smudge as he would certainly have eaten them.

On Sunday we all had a day out at Chatsworth to see the sculptures which can be a bit boring but as it was such a nice day it wasn’t too bad.

Blue at chatsworth near our peak district cottages

Me at Chatsworth

It was, however, a bit of a pain being with master though (we have to be on our leads in Chatsworth) as he still fancies himself as a photographer. So every few minutes we have to stop for him to take a photo. I thought mistress was bad but he is impossible. As there are always loads of dogs at Chatsworth we had fun talking to a few of them. After walking round the gardens and sculptures  for a few  hours we had to take mistress for an early afternoon tea (she had already had an ice-cream in the gardens). We were then left in the car for a snooze while they went round the house. Well Smudge snoozed and I kept an eye out for anything suspicious going on (its part of my security training). We had already seen off a couple of balloons and they can sneak up on you if you are not 100% on the ball. Talking of things sneaking up on you. Is anyone else having problems with Squirrels (I know Pudpud is). They are no fun at all. You start chasing them, then the next thing you know they have gone up a tree. What is the fun in that. I am a dog not a cat. How am I supposed to get up a tree. Why can’t they run along the ground like all proper animals do. Then you can have some fun chasing them.