Depressed – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

No way am I going out there

I am depressed. Mozart has gone! What is worse, so has his mistress. For an entire week I have been properly fed and now – Nothing! I suppose it was good while it lasted but all good things come to an end. I did pop up to their cottage this morning, just to check, but no they had gone. To make things even worse it has been raining at our cottages (click here), so every time we go out we get washed down (most degrading) when we come back in. It has been so wet this week that master has been at home most of the week. At least most of the time I have been able to get my head down and catch up on some important Dog napping. However, I did get disturbed every now and then, either by idiot brother barking at something (I wish they would muzzle him – especially when I am trying to sleep) or to be thrown out in the cold and the rain to do what a dogs got to do.

Smudge at our pet friendly cottages

This doesn’t look good!

It  was cold and wet out there. I just wanted to be left in peace in the warmth. Even idiot brother drew the line at one point. It was bucketing it down and they wanted to throw us out. NO way. We both totally refused to move. Solidarity.  They gave up in the end and let me go back to my bed.

Smudge get rid of the cows at our pet friendly holiday cottages

How did this lot get in here?

I did have fun helping mistress get some cows out of the patch of grass behind the cottages (idiot brother was no use). How they managed to get in is still a mystery. The guess is someone left a gate open and they wondered in. The gate then swung shut and they were trapped. Anyhow once mistress had opened the gate back into the field I soon managed to get them back to where they were supposed to be. Mistress has given each of them an ASBO as they shouldn’t have been there.

A new toy and Project Management – Blue

blue with new toy at our pet friendly cottages

My new Toy

First the important things. I have a new toy to play with at our cottages (click here). Nothing particularly spectacular about that. I have quite a few. The important thing about this one is that ‘master’ got me it. Its usually mistress that gets us toys etc (not that there is much point buying Smudge any toys. If he can’t eat it he isn’t interested). Ok so master found it rather than bought it for me but it is the thought that counts. The other great thing is that it ‘glows’ in the dark. This makes it a lot easier to find when he throws it into the dining room in the dark (I am not a bloodhound I am a collie so finding things isn’t that easy). It would be more fun if he played a bit more with me but I am getting him trained. Another few years and he should be up to scratch.

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

‘Me’ time with master

As master hasn’t been feeling too well this week (mistress calls it ‘Man flu’) he hasn’t been working full time at our house in Buxton. As a treat he took me over on Thursday and Friday to carry out a Project Management inspect of the work. Its all a bit muddy which looks great fun to play in (not that I was allowed to). The garden is coming along although I am sure a bit more digging would be helpful (if he would let me). I am not too sure about the fence and gate he intents to put in. It looks a bit constraining to me. How would any dog manage to explore the area if they were fenced in. I don’t think the fence would have deterred me in my prime but I am getting a bit past leaping over 5 foot fences. Never mind there is always other ways out of enclosed spaces! If you can’t go over, go under.

Smudge has been extra excited today. Mistress let it be known that Mozart is back today. Although I enjoy playing with Mozart it is not Mozart that Smudge is so excited about it is his mistress. She has a soft spot for Smudge (why I have no idea) and therefore is forever giving him treats. He thinks he has gone to heaven whenever Mozart is here. What he doesn’t realise (he is a bit slow that way) is that mistress adjusts his dinner to compensate for all the treats. Anyway he is sitting by the door waiting. I think he has started drooling (ah) already.

blue at our peak district cottages


A good week for food – Smudge

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Is that bit for me?

Its been a busy week at our peak district cottages. We have had lots of friendly dogs staying and even better lots of friendly dog owners. For once I feel almost full. Problem is master has noticed that I am looking a bit ‘fuller’ than normal and I have heard him talking to mistress about reducing my rations to get some ‘weight off me’. Come on I am as thin as a rake as it is. Just when I feel full, people talk about reducing my rations. It is not fair (anyone got the RSPCA telephone number).

My daily routine was to go off for our morning constitution with mistress. Stay with her till we got to the bottom of the field then jump over the wall, where she couldn’t see me, and then double back to the cottages for breakfast. I estimated I had about 5 mins before she realised I was missing then another 5 mins for her to walk back up the fields. Plenty of time to rush round the cottages to check if any breakfast was going free before being called back inside.

smudge at our dog friendly peak district holiday cottages

Can I smell sausages?

Late afternoon/evening when people were back and relaxing with a glass of wine etc was also a fruitful time. Either a quick sneak into a cottage, if they had been kind enough to leave the door open, or a few sad looks and my best ‘I am starving’ look usually resulted in some sort of treat. Problem with this approach was that master and mistress often caught me and sent me back inside. Luckily I usually managed to get around about half the cottages before being ‘caught’.

smudge at our peak district cottages

It’s a dogs life

Digger Dog – Blue

blue on a digger near our peak district cottages

OK. What do you want done next!

Master took me over to our  house in Buxton on Friday as a special treat. I think he felt sorry for me having to put up with Smudge all day (he is boring). Master had been getting on quite well but I soon got down to helping which moved things along a lot quicker. Master is not doing too bad. The garden is getting more dog friendly. It still seems to be missing some grass but I am told it will be arriving shortly. The digger was great fun to play with. I wish we had one at ourcottages (click here). It would make digging for moles a lot quicker. You can only dig so much with two paws. With a digger I could have the whole field up in no time. No place for molie to hide then!

Today we got taken for a walk from Ashford-in-water to Bakewell (along the river) and then over the hill to near Hassop Roundabout before joining the Monsal Trail for half a mile.

Blue on a bridge in Bakewell near our cottages

Now where has he gone?

We then headed off to Longstone were we had a picnic and then back to Ashford-in-Water. The Monsal trail was very busy so we were put on our leads (not sure why).  I assume the trail is very popular now they have opened all the tunnels and you can now go from Bakewell almost to Buxton. Luckily we were only on the trail for about 15 mins before we turned off and were allowed back off our leads. The walk over to Longstone and across the fields back to Ashford was a bit traumatic as we had to go through numerous fields with COWS. One field in particular  had some viscous looking things with big horns. Mistress called them ‘Long Horns’ and I can understand why. Once back in Ashford mistress had to have an ice-cream before we headed off back home.

blue near our pet friendly cottages

OK. Where next?


Red Arrows and I am in big trouble – Smudge

Smudge at Chatsworth near our peak district cottages


Its very rare that I get into serious trouble, its usually idiot brother but I have to admit this time I did over do things a bit. It started of with what I thought was a nice evening walk for a Picnic. The walk was a pleasant stroll over the hill from Bakewell. Master had parked in the Old Station Car park and we walked through the golf course and up and over the hill to look down on Chatsworth. I thought it a bit strange that for once mistress was keeping up with us but didn’t think any more about it. We arrived at our chosen spot to find one of master/mistress’s friends from Chelmorton had also decided to have a picnic at the same spot, as had a few other people. I thought this was a bit strange as usually we pick a spot miles away from everyone else. Mistress very kindly offered her friends a glass of some of her bubbly drink (very unusual) and we all settled down. The next thing I know there is an almighty roar and thunderous noise overhead and coming from all directions. Mistress was delighted as this is what she (and the others had come to see). It was the Red Arrows and we were in a perfect spot to  see and HEAR them. Well I must admit I don’t get on with things that are in the air, they annoy me, so I started barking to try and get rid of them but they kept coming back. So I barked more and started getting very annoyed. The more I barked the more master and mistress yelled at me and pulled on my collar but that didn’t stop me. I am sorry but I just don’t like noisy aeroplanes and these were very low and very noisy so I let them know I wasn’t happy. After about half an hour they went away and I could relax a bit. Master was blue with rage at me by this time and I think if mistress hadn’t been there he would have ……….. (I don’t want to think about what he might have done).

smudge at chatswoth near our pet friendly peak district cottages


Anyhow after they had gone and master had calmed down a bit a put on my ‘I am Sorry’ face (see picture) and cuddled up to master to see if I could get any sympathy. No such luck. He still seems mad with me.

The next day when there was a second display we were both left  at home. Now Idiot Brother was mad with me because of course he wanted to go but master just wouldn’t have either of us with them. Luckily they only walked  down our Peak District cottages fields to watch so they weren’t long but even so Idiot Brother wouldn’t talk to me (which is no great loss) for the entire evening. I am on my best behaviour at the moment and Master seems to be forgetting about my bad behaviour. He even fed us tonight (mistress was out at a committee meeting) and I am pretty sure he didn’t short change me on my rations.

The red arrows from our peak district cottages

The red arrows over chatsworth from Bolehill Cottages