An Exciting Day – blue

Blue in Buxton near our peak district cottages

On my inspection tour

I have been wanting to get over to the house in Buxton to see how master is getting on for a few weeks now but he just won’t take me (not sure why). Anyway this morning I spotted my opportunity. He was loading up the car at our peak cottages with things to take over there and had left the door open. So in I jumped. That is it, I thought I am going. He is not going to get me out so he will have to take me. When he was finished loading I was ready. He came to the passenger side door so I moved to the drivers seat. As the car (4×4) is so big he can’t get to me across the seats. He came round the drivers side so I nipped back to the passenger side. We played this game for a few minutes before he gave up. Then I thought I was in real trouble as he had gone to get reinforcements – Mistress! But I was ready for this. I got ready to jump into the back if they tried to get me from both sides.  Anyhow in the end master relented and told me I could come for the day. Thoughtfully he grabbed my lead and a drink bowl and off we set.

Buxton near our pet friendly peak district cottages

I haven’t seen that before

What can I say. It was a great day out. No Smudge to spoil things. No mistress to complain about my over enthusiasm about my security duties (barking so she knows someone is around). Heaven – even if I wasn’t allowed to dig in the trench which I thought could be fun and quite helpful. At lunch time we had a nice walk down town where I got a few pats on the head for being cute and then back for lunch. I wasn’t however impressed with the chips I was given from the person helping master. They were disgusting (although I am sure Smudge would have eaten them).

Buxton near our pet friendly peak district cottages

I had better inspect the trench

It was really enjoyable lying there in the sun watching master struggle with cables and things. They did get a bit annoyed with me when they were digging the trench a bit deeper. I wanted to help but all I got was ‘be quiet Blue’ (don’t you just hate it when they won’t let you help?).

Anyhow to report on progress: The place is a mess. The drive is completely devastated (apparently so someone can come and install gas, electricity and water – could be useful I suppose). The inside of the house doesn’t look much different to the  last time I inspected the site. The kitchen is still not finished and the lounge still looks a mess. The back garden is an improvement. At least he has cleared that and hopefully taken on board some of my tips on how to make it dog friendly. Basically I am not too sure what he is up to as he doesn’t seem to have progressed much.

Its all a bit embarrassing – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Why Me!

It was our hair cut time this afternoon at our cottages (click here). Master fancies himself as the Vidal Sassoon of the dog clipping world. What he really is, is a hair butcher. You should see my back and tail (well actually you don’t want to see the mess he has made). What was an elegant skirt and fashionable long haired tail is now a total mess (and it is rather  cold when the wind blows from behind). Idiot brother doesn’t seem to care but I do. What about my fan club? What happens if I meet another dog in the street? I am not going to be able to show my face around Bakewell for weeks. It is OK for idiot brother he doesn’t have a fan club but I do, and I need to keep my fans happy. What are they going to think when they see me. Mistress isn’t very happy at our new ‘look’ either.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Its a bit cold at the back.

Why can’t we be taken to a nice cosy dog salon like other dogs? Idiot brother says its because we are supposed to be roughy toughy collies and a salon just wouldn’t have any street cred. I think it is because master is tight with money (he is from Yorkshire).

smudge in the gardens of our pet friendly holiday cottages


A walk in Lathkill Dale – Smudge

Smudge near our pet friendly cottages


It has been nice and peaceful and quiet at our (click here) over the last few weeks. Master has been over in Buxton every day, so no rushing about disturbing my beauty sleep. If only he had taken idiot brother with him it would have been perfect. With him left behind there is a constant noise as he seems to bark at the least little thing. How am I suppose to get a good days rest when he is forever barking?

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in Lathkill Dale

Anyhow as Sunday was such a lovely day it was decided that we would have a walk down Lathkill Dale. The last time we visited the dale was on Boxing day. With all the rain we have had, mistress was interested to see how much water was in the dale. We started off from the Monyash end of the dale and slowly (well it would be with Mistress in tow) we worked our way into the dale. As expected the water was gushing out of the source but probably not as much as at Christmas. Of course as we know the Dale well we were let of our leads straight away so could go off and explore. At lunch time we sat at one of mistresses favourite spots. Unfortunately where mistress sat was an ants nest. So she soon moved from that! During lunch we met up with one of masters friends walking down into the dale.

Smudge in Lathkill Dale

Me in Lathkill Dale

He has a new dog we hadn’t met before so we said hello to her before they carried on down the dale. As usual there was lots of stopping to admire the view and to take lots of photographs.  When we got to the turning up to Over Haddon it was decided, as it was such a nice day, we would continue further along the dale to Conksbury Bridge and then back up via our usual picnic spot to Over Haddon for a drink in the pub. Well this was a great decision as when we go to our picnic spot I noticed that someone had been there earlier and had left a load of cream crackers. So although they taste terrible I thought I should do my bit for the environment by cleaning up the mess. Actually by the time I had got through the sixth I decided they weren’t that bad after all. Idiot brother tried one then just left it. So I go the lot.

Once in Over Haddon we realised that it was well dressing week and that there were teas and cakes on in the Village hall so we traipsed off there so Mistress could have her afternoon tea. Of course we had to sit outside as they don’t allow dogs inside. We then had to go and see the wells. On the way back over the fields to our cottages we had to go through a field with some cows in. As expected idiot brother got scared and jumped into the next field. We didn’t see him again till we got to the end of the field where he was waiting for us. Idiot!

Lathkill Dale Near our Peak district cottages

Lathkill Dale

I got into trouble again the other day. Someone had left some food out for the birds (why do they do that? They could leave it out for me. I am in more need of food than the local birds). Unfortunately they had left it on one of the picnic benches so I had to get up onto the table to get it. Now I know I am not allowed on tables  but it was outside and the food was very tempting. I checked that no one was watching and quickly jumped up to remove the food. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and lost track of time. The next thing I know master is yelling at me. I quickly jumped down and ran off where he could get hold of me. I think he has forgotten, as I haven’t been yelled at since. I checked my dinner to make sure I hadn’t been rationed (as sometimes happens) but it is hard to tell. I get so little anyway, any less and I would die of starvation.


Not a good week – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Very Interesting – is it edible?

Its not been a good week. Master has been away most of the week (without ME), I have had to put up with Smudge all day, we have had to ‘do’ both ‘gardens’ and ‘Well dressings’ and worst of all the weather has been bad (Smudge won’t play at all if it is a bit wet)’. What a week! What about a walk? Smudge is still recovering from his telling off last week. Well it was his own fault for getting caught. I nearly died of laughter when master put Smudge in the stocks (it almost made up for having to look round the those Gardens). It looked like fun to me but Smudge was not very happy. I can’t see him stealing any biscuits for a while.

Gardens near our pet friendly cottages

If I look cute can I go home?

Going round the Gardens at Litton was as boring as it always is. Mistress happily wanders from garden to garden with us and master tagging along behind. Not even time for an afternoon tea. We had only been back home for a few minutes when we were then dragged off to ‘admire’ the Well Dressings in Bakewell. More boredom. The problem with all these outings is that we have to be on our leads and on our best behaviour – No fun at all!

blue near our pet friendly cottages

Me on my inspection tour

Master did take me over to the house he is doing up today, for me to help with the kitchen delivery. I was a bit worried as he has been over there without my help now for a few weeks, so I was dreading what a mess he had made. Had he taken all my suggestions on board? Where was any dog going to sleep? Where is the dog bowl going to be located? Is there good access to the garden? Is there ample room in front of the fire? Suitable dog food storage areas? These things are important. Well I can report that he hasn’t done too badly (so far).  At least the house is now  nearly painted and you can just about get at the garden. I will need to keep a careful eye on what he is up to in the garden as that can be critical to a dogs well being.

blue in our fields at Bolehill Cottages

A bit muddy!

We had a bit of a downpour on Thursday evening which was a bit frightening.  Although it didn’t go on for long it was very loud and the thunder didn’t do my nerves any good. Then to cap it all Master took us out into the fields. Well I suppose better outside where I can see what is going on than cooped up inside. Luckily it had almost stopped raining by then but the fields were awash and all the gateways were under inches of mud and water. At least the rain cleaned our drive after those cows had made such a mess of it.  We did come back a bit wet and dirty which is always bad news as we then had to be washed down. I am sure I could have dried off quite nicely in the lounge without having a hosepipe  wash me down.

blue jumping a gate at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Action Dog