I am in BIG trouble – Smudge

Smudge in trouble at our pet friendly cottages

Help I am in trouble!

It wasn’t really my fault! Well I suppose it sort of was! The problem is the temptation. Mistress always leaves a nice dog biscuit  in cottages for visiting dogs. This means she has a supply of dog biscuits in her store room. Now of course we know they are there, but we are never allowed to touch them. It all seems a bit unfair anyhow. Why doesn’t she give us the biscuits rather than give them away to visitors. Surely we (especially me) deserve them more? Anyhow on passing through the office I noticed that mistress had left the box on the floor. ‘Ah! that looks interesting’. Anyway as there were people about I carried on outside and decided to formulate a plan.

If I waited for everyone to be busy I could sneak in and just check to see how many there were left. Then sneak out again undetected.

So I hung around outside the office until it was all clear, then quickly nipped in to have a look. There seemed to loads left. Surely a sniff wouldn’t hurt? No one is going to yell at me for just a sniff. Well, there were so many left it seemed a pity not to sample one. Just to make sure they hadn’t gone off – you understand. Besides I could always blame Idiot Brother if someone noticed one was missing. Unfortunately they were so nice I decided I had better sample another one. Again purely for scientific reasons. By the time I got to the third I had lost track of time and the next thing I know master is standing over me looking very very cross and yelling at me. I beat a hasty retreat to the courtyard, where  I knew I could outrun him if necessary. There was a lot of yelling and ‘Smudge come here’. No way! Do I look stupid? I am not going anywhere near master when he is cross with me. Even Idiot brother made himself scarce just in case.

Master appears to have quietened down a bit now although I keep hearing him muttering ‘thief’ as he walks past me. Worse mistress is talking about cutting my meagre daily ration down this evening. How will I survive till tomorrow.  Maybe I will have to go begging at a few cottage doors.

I didn’t mean to steal anything. I am just a dog. Did I do wrong?




A walk in upper Dove Dale – Smudge

smudge in dove dale near our peak district cottages

Dirty but Happy

Sorry I haven’t written for a while. It is all master’s fault. He wouldn’t let me on his computer (we don’t have our own) as he was busy building mistress’s new computer and doing things over in Buxton. Anyhow I am here now to tell you about our walk in upper Dove Dale .

As Sunday was such a nice day, mistress and master, decided to take a day off (about time too). So off we went from our cottages (click here)over to Longnor were we parked and set off down to the upper part of the River Manifold. As we know this walk well we were allowed off our leads early on to go off and explore. After walking down the River for a while we turned up by a farm (back on our leads) and then up a farm track to the top of a ridge and down into the upper part of the River Dove (off our leads).

smudge near our peak district cottages

Wind in my hair .....

We had the normal ‘stopping to admire’ the view from mistress but on the whole we kept going. For lunch we stopped at a spot overlooking upper Dove Dale. For once we got quite a lot of tit bits, as master seemed to have made too many sandwiches.Lucky for us as they never bring anything for our lunch.

After lunch we walked down to Cowdecote and through the village. A few fields had cows in them that were a bit too friendly for idiot brother. He had to be put on his lead to stop him running off. They don’t scare me. I just either ignore them or face them down. They always back off in the end. Most of them are very friendly. Unfortunately idiot brother doesn’t see it this way and is terrified of them. So master had to drag him through a few fields on his lead to stop him running off. Not that he would disappear. He would just run off into another field and try and follow us from that field. Well of course he is then off the path and gets stuck so master has to go and rescue him. All in all it is easier to put him on a lead and drag him through any cows. Unfortunately the last field we walked through master didn’t spot the cows until it was too late – he was off.

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages in derbyshire

My kind of size for a food bowl

They were very friendly youngsters that were just curious so milled around us all the way through the field. I did have a few problems with one or two of them as they didn’t realise just what a professional cow dog I am and tried to intimidate me. But after a few stares and snapping of teeth they got the message and by the time we got to the end of the field they were behaving themselves. Idiot brother was there waiting for us well away from the cows.

At the end of the walk mistress had to have her afternoon tea. So we all sat outside at the Longnor Cafe and enjoyed the late afternoon sun.

I have been honing my skills as a cow dog yet again but this time with mistress (as master was busy). We had to take  idiot brother along, although all he did was sit in the car. Fat lot of use he would have been anyhow. As mistress is a bit of a novice with herding cows I had to show her what to do but she got the hang of it pretty quickly and we managed to get the cows in for milking without too much of a fuss.

smudge at the farm opposite our pet friendly hiliday cottages


PS. The bad news was that after our walk we both got washed down.  Why does master always use very cold water?

Well Dressing Again – Blue

blue at monyash well dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Another Well Dressing

Its that time of year. Well dressing season, that unfortunately mistress enjoys. This week we had to put up with a double whammy. Ashford in the Water and Monyash all on the same day. Smudge is always disappointed because he can’t eat them I am just bored! I suppose Monyash was ok as there was lots going on and loads of people to make a fuss of us. We also parked well outside the village so had to walk back in which at least gave us a bit of exercise. Mistress was happy as she managed to get an ice cream from her favourite Ice cream shop/Tea room (the Smithy) and she enjoyed the Well dressings.

monyash near our dog friendly holiday cottages

What am I supposed to be looking at?

Master, Smudge and myself just tagged along. Luckily after a while we were allowed back home to our cottages (click here) to welcome some new guests, but a few hours later we were once again dragged off to another well dressing. This time at Ashford in the Water (a few mins away by car). This is the worst village for wells as there are 5 or 6 of the damn things and a flower festival in the church. Of course they don’t let dogs into the church so we are left outside then dragged round well dressing after well dressing. There seemed to be no end to them. Mistress fully enjoyed it though.

blue at our peak district cottages

It's been a hard day!

Smudge has just come back from helping get in the cows for milking. Rather him than me. He came back absolutely filthy so had to be washed down which I found highly entertaining. Smudge hates been washed so tends to try and stand on one leg then falls over. If only he took it ‘like a dog’ it would be over a lot quicker. Anyhow it serves him right for messing around with those cows.

Monyash 2 miles from our cottages


Over worked and under fed – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Showing 'them' who is boss

Last week was great. There were loads of dogs at our cottages (click here) but this week all the dogs have gone. What happened? Did I say something? Did idiot brother do something? I was just starting to put on some weight (at last) when all of a sudden my food sources dried up. How come people who don’t have dogs aren’t as generous with food as those that have dogs.

Smudge at our peak district dog cottages

Keeping an eye on the stragglers

Last week I could wander from cottage to cottage and be virtually guaranteed to get a snack at each cottage (don’t tell mistress or she will cut my meagre rations down even further). This week I wander from cottage to cottage and do my sad dog bit but nothing. Not even a good morning Smudge.

Smudge at the farm near our pet friendly cottages

Making sure they all go in.

I even got dragged out to do my cow dog bit (see pictures). No – Smudge could you come and help! Just Smudge get in the CAR. To be honest I do rather enjoy bringing in the cows. Its quite easy really. We (Master and me as idiot brother is scared of cows) walk down the field, master gives the command, and I start rounding them up and sending them towards the milking parlour. Most of them know what they are supposed to do  but a few of them, that don’t know me well, ‘try it on’ but I soon get the measure of them and off they go.  But NO extra rations for all my hard work!!!

At least it has been warm and we could laze out in the courtyard or front garden. One problem. I have had to put up with idiot brother all week. Master seems to have stopped taking him over to Buxton. So I have to put up with him all week. At least with the heat he seems to be a bit less bouncy and a bit more inclined to soak up the sun.

pet friendly cottages near bakewell

A well earned nap