A busy week – Blue

blue at lea gardens near our peak district cottages

OK so it is a Garden - Can I explore?

First it was mistress’s birthday, then Tissington well dressing (its that time of year again) then a walk. I will begin with mistress’s birthday.

We never look forward to mistress’s birthday as it inevitably means going round some garden or other in the rain (it always rains on her birthday). This year was no exception. Of bright and early from our (click here) straight to Lea Gardens where they left us in the car while they went for a morning coffee. We all usually go for morning coffee but as it was raining they didn’t want to sit outside and they don’t allow dogs inside (what a surprise). Anyhow after coffee we had the usual trudge around the gardens on our leads. Mistress enjoyed it but we found it very boring especially as we had to be on leads. It could have been quite fun if we were allowed to go off and explore.

blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for mistress

From Lea Gardens we had to take mistress for her yearly retail therapy session down at junction 28. This basically means master (not us) being dragged around numerous clothes and shoe shops and ending up in the Thornton’s and Cadbury’s seconds shop where she as usual maxed out the credit card.  At least she will have enough chocolate to keep her going for a week or two.

We had only just got home and I had settled down for a well earned snooze when we were dragged off to the Tissington Well Dressing. We did this last year. Why bother again! They looked the same to me. I suppose we did have a bit of a walk around the village. The funniest point was when we got to the village butchers and we had to stay outside. Poor Smudge just sat there drooling.

Blue at Derwent dam near our peak district cottages


Yesterday, as it was so nice, mistress and master decided to take the day off and go for a walk up at the Derwent Dams. It was a beautiful day and it would have been even better if we hadn’t been on our leads most of the day. What is it with humans? There are signs everywhere saying dogs on leads. Why? Just so we don’t chase a few stupid birds or sheep. Well I am not messing around with any sheep as they tend to be a bit vicious for my liking and as for birds! If they are stupid enough to nest on the ground then they deserve to be chased. Sorry that is life! Anyway to comply with the rules we were on our leads most of the day. Mistress did her normal ‘stopping to admire the view’ thing she always does. Poor old Smudge got mistress so he got the worse of it. On the way back we were a bit surprised not to  be stopping for ‘afternoon tea’ but we did stop off at the Chatsworth Farm shop for some essential (for mistress) supplies then popped into the main part of  Chatsworth for mistress to see the crocheted Lions (very boring).

Why aren’t there signs that say ‘Humans should be kept on a lead’? Why pick on dogs???



Mozart is back – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages


My favourite friend is back at ourcottages (click here). Well to be absolutely truthful it is more his owner that I am happy to see than Mozart himself. Don’t get me wrong Mozart is great to play with but its his owners that I like bestest. Just my kind of owners. Every time they see me I get a treat, I just wag my tail and I get another. I have taken to  sitting outside their door for hours  – just in case! When they go out I just sit and wait in the courtyard. Why can’t master and mistress be so generous. I would be a fine healthy dog if they were as generous. Instead I am a half starved dog.   Even better still idiot brother hasn’t been around much as mistress has kept him in because of his bad leg. So most of the treats have come my way. I think his leg is getting better but mistress won’t let him out on his own – just in case.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at a stile in Deep dale

The swallows are back which is always great fun but even better fun this year as idiot brother isn’t allowed to chase them. When he gets taken out, he is on a lead (ha), so he  just has to watch me run around after them. I can see him getting very frustrated and pulling at his lead but mistress is very firm with him (quite rightly so).  He is sometimes allowed to sit in the front garden watching the cows but as usual he starts running up and down getting excited so he gets brought in. What an idiot. If he would just chill out a bit he would be allowed out more.

Its mistresses birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to being taken out somewhere nice. I am sure she won’t go without taking us along. It will mean going in the CAR but hopefully it will be worth it.


What is all the fuss about – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages


OK so I am limping a bit. That doesn’t mean to say I am an invalid. I can still chase swallows, rabbits, or that damn wagtail in our  courtyard. OK so maybe  I  ‘over do it’ a bit on occasions but that is not an excuse to keep me on a lead all the time and not let me out to explore on my own. I have not had a good week. Every time I go out I have to go out on a lead. On the few occasions I have convinced master or mistress that I will be good and they have let me off its all ‘Blue do this’, ‘Blue come here’, ‘Blue …..’ . Its just not fair. Smudge is allowed out unsupervised why not me. OK I may have put on the limping a bit too much but I am a lot better now.

Blue near our peak district cottages

OK Its a Orchid - who cares.

Anyway we went on a long awaited walk on Sunday. As usual on May Bank Holiday Sunday we walked up Deep Dale (near Sheldon a couple of miles from our cottages (click here)) to see the Orchids. We had been looking forward to a nice long walk for ages. The sandwiches were prepared, the walking books readied and off we went. All started as normal. We were on our leads in the car park as usual but then things went horribly wrong. We expected to be let off our leads as soon as we reached open ground. But oh no we were on our leads ALL day. Now there has to be some law against that. How can you go for a decent walk on a lead. I even had the indignity of being HELPED over styles. Come on I am a collie I can jump over styles in my sleep. Mistress explained that it was for my own benefit so I didn’t hurt my leg. I think Smudge would have killed me if he had had the chance. He was not very happy especially as he was with mistress.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lunch Time

At least I was with master and we could walk at a bit of a pace. Poor old Smudge had to plod along with mistress stopping every now and then to admire views, Orchids etc. We had a pleasant lunch overlooking Deep Dale and then over the fields and back home. As we had left the car in the car park at the bottom of the dale we had to go back to pick it up. For some reason this had to be via Sheldon where we had to stop at the village hall where they were doing ‘Afternoon teas’. Surprise surprise!

I think my leg is getting better. I haven’t limped for a while now so hopefully it is better. I hope so. Much more of this lead thing and I am going to go mad.


Idiot brother’s bad leg – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

My best side

He has done it again! What is it with him? One minute he was fine the next he is hopping around on 3 legs and getting all the sympathy from mistress. It was probably his own fault. As usual he has been tearing around like an idiot. Then a few nights ago mistress noticed he was holding one of his back legs in the air. I hadn’t noticed. I have a feeling he does it more when mistress is around. He seems to walk OK when no one is noticing. Anyway what is the problem, he has another three legs so he has plenty of spares. Of course mistress is very concerned and to stop him hurting himself even more,  he has been taken out on a LEAD for our morning and evening constitutions. Serves him right. I did notice this afternoon when no one was watching he did help me chase some swallows. I didn’t see him limp then. Oh by the way the Swallows are back which I think means spring is here. Well if it is I haven’t seen it. The one good thing with all this rain is that I have been able to get in some serious duvet time.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Action Dog

One of master’s friends came to stay last week. She doesn’t like dogs so it is always fun annoying her by leaving our hairs on her skirt etc. I am sure she likes us really!

I have just been helping master put up the electric fence in our front field (to keep the cows away from mistresses plants) so idiot brother is very shortly going to be confined to the front garden. Ha. That should slow him down a bit and give me some peace.

Smudge at our pet friendly cottages


All I have to do is walk through the cows and I will have left him behind. There is no way he is going to be brave enough to risk following me. It is great fun to just get out of sight and then start barking. He goes frantic thinking I have found something and he just dare not come and find out. I am looking forward to that again.