Rain! – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly cottages

Me and Mistress

Ok I am getting a bit fed up with the rain here at our cottages (click here)s. Its April and it is suppose to be ‘sunshine and showers’ (or that is what master keeps saying). What happened to the sunshine bit. Although I personally don’t mind the rain, it is a bit inconvenient as every time I am allowed out (which is rare) I get the indignity of  being towelled down when I come back and, what is worse I have to spend a few hours in the kitchen rather than being able to dry off on a nice bit of warm carpet. The other problem with rain is that Smudge hates it and won’t come out to play.  The only way to get him out is by master pushing him out (he is currently looking into whether this is infringing his dog rights and is thinking of e-mailing the RSPCA). Even when we get him out he just sulks about waiting to go back inside. So he is no fun at all.

Blue near the cow at our pet friendly cottages


The other bad bad bad news is that the COWS are back in our side fields. This means that about half of our land is now out of bounds to me. I am not going in any field that has those great big things in. Smudge of course, being totally stupid, just doesn’t worry and wanders amongst them without a care in the world. Rather him than me. They seem to pick on me more than they do him. It can only be days now before I am going to be trapped in our front garden with cows all around. I am not looking forward to that at all. Maybe they won’t come this year. Unlikely as mistress likes them in our front field so I suppose I will just have to suffer in silence (as usual).

In all, what with the weather and everything, it has been a bit of boring week. I did get some excitement on Monday when master took the car round the garage. I was allowed to stay in the car when it went up on on the lift thing. A Garage looks entirely different from up there. I was also able to make sure they did their job properly. Other than that bit of excitement nothing much has happened except it raining.

Out and about near our peak district cottages



Master’s birthday treat – Smudge

Smudge at the Round House near our pet friendly cottages

Me at the train thing

As a treat to master we were all taken to the Chesterfield Barrow Hill Steam Gala which is about 40 minutes from our cottages (click here). As soon as I heard were were going I eagerly volunteered to stay at home and keep the duvet warm. Idiot brother of course was all for going. Well I thought it might be worth a trip just see his face when he realised what is there. On past performance  (cable cars etc. ) he has been a major wimp and had away partly shell shocked. Anyway I didn’t get any choice in the matter, as I was escorted to the car and off we went.

Now why we  had to go to see steam trains I have no idea. As far as I am aware master isn’t a major train nut and mistress prefers aeroplanes. From my point of view I couldn’t see the point at all. You can’t eat them so why bother.  Actually it wasn’t too bad. There were lots of people there and that meant  we  got lots of attention and fussed and stroked a lot.

The engine Shed or Round House near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The engine Shed or Round House

Idiot brother didn’t seem phased with the hissing, tooting and general mayhem associated with such places. Even mistress seemed to enjoy it. As per normal we got dragged round every exhibit and into every nook and cranny of the place. We even had to go up some steps to a fusty old carriage that had certainly seen better days. I wasn’t keen on the steps as I could see down through them but that didn’t seem to deter master. Mistress especially enjoyed it when they moved the big steam engines around. Master has made a slide show video of our trip which you can see on Youtube at http://youtu.be/6Sg84BWbkAI .

Smudge in monsal dale

Hurry Up!

Better still was Sunday when we got taken for a walk in Monsal Dale. It was decided that as the trail now tends to be busy at weekends we would use the old footpath which mistress likes because of its spectacular views. Its not a long walk but with mistress it does seem to take a long time (all the stopping). Lunch was better than normal as master had over done the sandwiches (again) so we had a few crusts and bits. The view from our lunch spot was spectacular. Well mistress says it was. It just looked like a field on a slope to me with a long drop down to the river below. It did make sitting waiting to be fed a bit tricky but I mastered it in the end. One strange thing. we didn’t stop for afternoon tea. I am not sure why.

Smudge in Monsal Dale

Me looking into the Dale



Providing a helping paw -Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me helping

What is it with people (especially master)? Whenever I try and help I get into trouble. Smudge just lounges about getting in the way rather than trying to help but he doesn’t get yelled at. Me I am always trying to help and all I get in return is “Blue Go Away”. Master has been resurfacing the car park, courtyard and outside of ourcottages (click here) with fresh stone. He seems to do this every 3 years or so. I am not sure why as everything looked fine to me but I must admit it is now great fun skidding on the new stone. The stone goes flying everywhere and masters face is a picture. We had 20 tons of stone delivered just before it snowed so we needed to get that spread out before the bad weather.

spreading gravel at our peak district cottages

Spreading Gravel on the car park

The farmer came up to help with his big digging thing so it didn’t take long. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to help. We were kept inside. ‘Out of the way’ – Mistress said. Cheek! I could have been useful. If nothing else it would have been fun watching master rake all that stone. The next step was to re-stone the footpaths etc around the cottages. This has taken a bit more time as we, well master, has had to use a wheel barrow to move the stone about. We are getting there slowly  but master, being a bit of a wimp, stops every time it rains  (which seems quite often at the moment). I am usually happy to carry on but he has something against getting a bit wet.

peak district cottages snow

A bleak landscape

The snow last week was fun. I helped master to get cars unstuck and generally try and clear the drive etc. Well actually we gave up in the end as it was too cold and windy even for me let alone master. Once the blizzard had finished and things had calmed down a bit I found it great fun playing in the snow. Its just such a pity I don’t have a more energetic brother. Although Smudge will play a bit he soon gets bored and wanders off to see if he can cadge some food of someone. We don’t often get snow s0 I think we should make the most of it. Anyhow all the snow has gone and we are back to mistress getting her plants ready for summer and master (with my help) finishing his outside jobs.

snow at our peak district cottages

Me in the Snow

Not snow again – Smudge

smudge at our peak district cottages

Blizzard conditions at Bolehill Cottages

Just when I was thinking about getting rid of my winter coat it snows. What happened to the hot weather we had a few days ago?

Today started off very badly. Early in the morning we had a power cut. Which didn’t matter that much except that things start beeping (I think it is master’s computers and things). This set idiot brother off. He is a bit of a wimp as far as beeping is concerned. I am not sure why but then he is an idiot. He started pawing at the door and making a lot of noise. This was worrying because if master came down we would be in serious trouble.

smudge at our pet friendly cottages

Snow Dog

Luckily it was mistress that was woken up and she came down to see what the noise was all about. She is a lot more understanding than master and gave us a bit of sympathy. Unfortunately while she was with us the power went off again and idiot brother went loopy again. Somehow in the commotion of him being an idiot and mistress trying to find the torch I managed to get locked in the office. Luckily after mistress had calmed down idiot brother she spotted I was missing and came looking for me. In the end the lights came back on and idiot brother calmed down enough to let me get back to sleep.

In the morning when master came down and let us out we found that there had been about 6 inch of snow. Where did that come from? Anyway we had a brief walk around our cottages (click here) and down to the road. The wind was terrible. Just not suitable for a dog to be out in it. At the bottom of the drive we found that we were snowed in. This is only the 3rd time this has happened. Even worse the road looked treacherous which is the first time we have ever seen it that bad. Things went from bad to worse as the snow drifted onto the road. By about 10:00 the road was effectively closed which has never happened before.  Master spent most of the day either helping people or clearing snow. At about 3:30PM Andrew (the farmer) came up to dig us out with his big machine so we all went down to help. I am not sure what I did wrong but master kept yelling at me to get out of the way. I was trying to help!

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Where a dog should be

By 4:30PM the problems on the road had eased and cars were coming and going again and by about 5:00PM our guests, who where were supposed to leave this morning, managed to get away. What a terrible day. Master thinks it is the worst winter day we have had. But it was in Spring! I am going to keep my winter coat on just in case.



Not sure about Cable Cars – Blue

blue at heights of Abraham near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in a Cable Car!

Thursday was a glorious day at our cottages (click here)s so after we had been out for our morning constitution with mistress it was decided (well mistress decided) we would go to ‘The Heights Of Abraham’ in Matlock Bath. It didn’t sound that very exciting to us but when mistress mentioned there was a Cable CAR Smudge slunk off to our cage and I became more interested. It can’t be too bad if we were going in a car. I like cars so it could be fun. Anyway we parked up at the railway station in Matlock Bath and walked over to the Cable Car. As soon as I got there I knew there was something wrong.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages Bakewell

Smudge enjoying the view

I couldn’t see any cars and there was a lot of whirring and clanking. Then when these funny looking glass cabins arrived and I was unceremoniously dragged into one I was not happy at all. What happened to the Car bit. It got worse.  The thing took off and the ground disappeared until it was 100’s feet below us. Smudge seemed to enjoy it but I was sure at all. What happens if it stops (I am not jumping that distance)? What happens if whatever was holding us up broke? It was a long way down. Mistress loved it. She claimed it reminded her of Austria. Well if Austria has loads of those things I don’t want to go. I decided the best place was under the seat where I couldn’t see what was going on. At last it came to a stop and I could get off. I suppose the good thing is that when we got off we were at the top of the hill. Very clever and we didn’t have to spend ages waiting for mistress to catch up with us.

Blue at the heights of Abraham near ot peak district cottages

Lunch at Heights of Abraham

Although dogs are allowed into the park they are not allowed into the buildings or the caves. However, we were allowed to go through the cafe and sit on the outside balcony with master and mistress while they had their morning coffee, over looking the town. Mistress enjoyed the view over Matlock Bath and again talked about how it reminded her of Austria. I think she was trying to convince master that he should take her on holiday there (I will stay at home). After coffee master disappeared down a cave for half an hour. So we were left to wander around with mistress. We met up with master at the top of the hill where he popped out of another cave entrance. We were then let of our leads for a run and mistress admired the view towards Matlock before we all descending back into the park. Master and mistress climbed a tower to see the views (it looked a bit steep so luckily we were allowed to stay at the bottom) and mistress went down a second cave. So there was lots to do.

After a pleasant lunch on the cafe balcony and a bit more walking round (and an ice cream for mistress) we had to get back on that cable thing. I had assumed we would be walking down but oh no we had to go in the cable thing. It was a bit less worrying on the way down and mistress was very sympathetic. Again Smudge seemed to enjoy it as did mistress. Anyway at last we got back down safely. I am not going to be fooled by cable cars again. They are not cars. They are things that float in the air and are very worrying.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking towards Matlock

As it was still so warm we were taken for a walk around Matlock Bath before returning to the car (a proper car) before going home.