A walk to Milldale

smudge at our peak district cottages

A well deserved bone

For once we were off bright and early. Well when I say early, it was early for mistress. It was all a bit unexpected as well.  We hadn’t been told we were going for a walk. We went off with mistress for our morning constitution around our peak district cottage fields and when we got back the rucksacks were out and  master was packing sandwiches. I was a bit late back as I needed to check if any breakfast was being offered at any of the cottages. No such luck but master making sandwiches held out some hope for food. But no luck there either. Never mind if we are going for a walk there is bound to be something interesting along the way. We parked up at Alstonefield and set off across country towards Dove Dale. After only a few minutes we were let of our leads so we could go off and explore. We were under strict instructions to come back if we came across any sheep or lambs, so I kept a careful eye on idiot brother as I know what he is like. Although he is scared stiff of sheep (some collie) he was likely to scare them if he went bolting into a field which might scatter them. Luckily we didn’t encounter any sheep all day.

smudge on a walk near our holiday cottages

Where to next

Once we dropped into Dove Dale it was decided that we would take the left hand bank rather than usual right hand bank that everyone else seemed to be on. On the one hand this was a good move as we didn’t have to worry about meeting anyone on the path, on the other hand it was a far more tricky route for mistress and at times she had to drop down steep slopes on her bum. I am not sure why, as we were fine and Master didn’t seem to have a problem. We stopped for lunch in a beautiful sunny spot overlooking Dove Dale where we could sit and watch all the other walkers on the other side of the river. Or at least mistress did. I sat and watched the sandwiches slowly disappearing without any coming my way.   We got a few tit bits but nothing to sustain an active dog.

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

There must be a bit for me!

The ‘climb’ (a gentle slope) out of Milldale took some time as both master and mistress are not very fit and needed to keep stopping for breath every few minutes. We just sat at the top and watched. Quite a spectator sport really. Of course when we got back to the car mistress needed an afternoon tea. So we had to stop off at Hartington where she visited her usual Cheese shop and then went for afternoon tea at one of the little tea shops. We of course we were left  in the car which let me catch up on my afternoon nap (see picture).

smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Dog Nap!

Spring is nearly here – Blue

Blue at our peak district holiday cottages

Me being good!

OK – I am still a bit in the ‘dog house’ for wandering off last week but I am trying to be good. I am not sure what came over me. There I was wandering around with mistress in our cottages (click here) fields and the next thing I know I am over at the Magpie mine. I was just getting a bit concerned when thankfully master turned up in the car to pick me up. He was not very happy so I kept a very low profile for the rest of the day and have been on my best behaviour since. I am hoping he will forget about it shortly.

We had an exciting day on Monday. I was taken up and down the fields in the  4×4 lots of times as master went to see how they were progressing with the tarmacking at the bottom of the drive. I think he is happy with what they have done. It looks OK to me. Of course the drive had to be closed for a number of hours, so master had to show people how to get to the road via the fields and we had to take the laundry to our neighbours for it to be collected.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Taking in the rays!

Master has started work clearing  the remaining twigs and leaves etc from the lawns and courtyard left over from winter so I have been helping where I can. He cut the lawn for the first time on Friday. I always enjoy the lawn being cut as I can chase the mower and catch the grass blowing out the back. Unfortunately this year master has stopped me doing that as he reckons I am getting too old for it and might hurt myself. Ha – He is a one to talk. OK! I am starting to feel a bit stiff after a long walk but there is still life in ‘the old dog’ yet.

We have had loads and loads of friends staying with us this week. Smudge is in heaven. Every morning he does a number of rounds of the cottages to see what has been left by other dogs. Master tries to get people to shoo him out but he is far too cunning to be noticed. He just slips in to cottages while people aren’t looking. Every now and then he gets caught but it doesn’t seen to deter him. Me. I am still on my best behaviour so stay well clear.

I keep hearing that dreaded word ‘COW’ being bandied about. I assume it isn’t going to be long before the damn things are back in our fields. Until then I am free to roam our fields in peace. I suppose once THEY are back I will have to hide in the courtyard and garden again. It is just not fair.

the front drive at our peak district cottages

The new drive entrance

pet friendly holiday cottages

The new drive entrance

He is at it again – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district  cottages

Handsome Hound

There we were out with mistress for our morning constitution at our cottages (click here)when all of a sudden I turned round and idiot brother was gone. Oh well he must have heard master and gone to see him or seen a rabbit I had missed. Mistress seemed a bit concerned but I think she also thought he would have gone back to the house. Anyway we wandered back to the house and waited and waited. By this time mistress was getting very worried. I wasn’t. The idiot has done it before and unfortunately he seems to come back. I started wondering if I might get two meals tonight and a quiet night. Maybe I would sleep in the cage. My choice. Bliss. Anyhow mistress was now getting very worried so master went off to see if he could find him. Why? I have no idea. Its his stupid fault. If he runs off he should be made to walk back.

smudge in our pet friendly holiday cottages fields

Action Dog

Master disappeared for 30 minutes and then reappeared with idiot brother sitting proudly in the front seat. Master had found him over at the old Magpie Mine (he has been found there a few times). Mistress was overjoyed to see him cuddling him etc. Nothing for me. I had been the good one and all I get is ‘good old Smudge’. Not good enough. How about a biscuit.

The next crisis (although I didn’t class losing idiot brother as a crisis) was we lost all our water at about 11:00PM. Master was a bit concerned as it looked as though it might be a leak on our property. After much discussion it was decided that master and idiot brother would go off to the 24 hour Tesco in Buxton to get some water for our guests for tomorrow morning. What the big deal about getting water from Buxton was all about I didn’t understand. There are plenty of places around the cottages to get a drink of water. There is the cow troughs (bit tricky when cows are around), the pond and usually the odd puddle. No problem. Early the next day master rushed down to the farm to get big buckets of water to enable people to flush the toilet etc (again I have no idea why – what is wrong with a bush or the field). He then started looking into why we didn’t have any water.He quickly realised that it was the water board’s problem and a few hours later a little man in a van arrived. Then went.

Smudge in the courtyard to our peak district cottages

Guard Dog

Master followed him and found that they had discovered a leak in the main pipe about 1/2 mile from us and they were repairing it. We got our water back on at about 11:00PM that day. Mistress was very kind in letting us have some of the bottled water master had bought but it really wasn’t necessary. We could easily find our own. All this meant we didn’t get the walk we had been promised. Mistress had sat down the night before to work out a route but it all got cancelled.

Buxton Dog – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Action Dog 1

What a great week. I have been away from Smudge and his whinging most of the week as I have been helping master over at Buxton at one of our other houses. Master is a bit clueless when it comes to colour schemes and where best to put a dogs bed, where does the water bowl go, which part of the garden is sunniest etc. So I have been tagging along to lend a hand. The only day he didn’t take me and he made a mess of it. He managed to lock the back door of the 4×4 and couldn’t get it open again. If I had been there he wouldn’t have bothered to lock it because he knows I can look after the car while he is away from it. Well that will teach him for not taking me along. One of the great things about  going along without Smudge is I get any handouts at lunch time.

Blue at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Action Dog 2

I don’t have to share with Smudge. Please don’t tell him or he will want to come along too. He would be hopeless anyhow. What does he know about decorating? I must admit today wasn’t such a good day as there was a lot of vacuuming going on and I am not keen on those things. They make a terrible noise and you are never sure just how reliable they are. One suck in the wrong direction and I could loose my tail. Not a pleasant thought. So I spent the afternoon in the car out of the way. It was rather pleasant relaxing in the sun on the front seat (keeping it warm for master!).

Blue moling at our self catering holiday cottages

Action Dog 3 - Moling