Master’s friend comes to stay – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

I am not sure I should be here

At Last. Someone who is a dog lover. Last weekend an old friend of master’s came to stay at our cottages (click here). As soon as she arrived it was obvious she liked us. We did our usual ‘meet and greet’ routine  but then found that she wanted more. That is unusual in itself as we usually get told off for being over exuberant. Well to be fair to Smudge it is usually me that gets told off. After a few minutes of fussing us she then produced a bag of dog biscuits.  Our kind of friend. Then proceeded to give us not the usual one or two but a handful. Mistress complained that we were on a diet but she refused to hear anything about it and carried on.

Of course Smudge was smitten. For the next two days wherever she went Smudge followed her in the hope of getting more biscuits (and often he did).  She even let me sit in her car. In fact I was very happy sitting there till master saw me and turfed me out. I wasn’t doing any harm and I did have permission.

Blue waiting at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for master

We were a bit sad when she left as we knew we would be back to our normal starvation rations with only the odd pat on the head or stroke rather than the lavish love and attention we had had over the past few days. Smudge did try and suggest that he go back with her but wasn’t too sure when he found out she has three CATS at home. I think he would have put up with them just for the extra food he would have got. Me! I think I prefer here. There is more going on and I do quite like Master and Mistress (even if they don’t feed us properly and  don’t give us enough attention). Besides I don’t like CATS.

a walk near our peak district cottages

Where has everyone gone!

A walk on Baslow Edge – Smudge

Smudge at Baslow edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on Baslow Edge

At last a walk. Idiot brother was beside himself with the thought of at last going for a walk. As usual he was running up and down getting in the way. Me? I just sat and waited for the inevitable bit about  getting into the CAR. We left our cottages (click here) bright and early (well early for mistress) and headed off to Baslow (about 5-10 mins away) where we parked and started up the path to the Edge. Although it was a bit cold it was lovely and sunny and as the ground was all hard we at least we didn’t get too muddy. Well actually I did get a bit muddy but not too bad. The first bit of excitement was when we came across a herd of Highland Cows munching away at the heather etc. This of course caused idiot brother to go into panic mode. Luckily there was no where for him to hide so he had to keep going but he was not very happy, especially when one of them started to follow us all. She seemed friendly enough to me but idiot brother was having none of it and ran ahead out of the way. As it turned out she was just going for a drink before she rejoined the others. I didn’t tell idiot brother she had gone back, so for half the walk he was constantly looking over his shoulder wondering where she was. Idiot!

smudge on baslow edge near our peak district cottages

Lunch Time

As it was such a beautiful day of course we got a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ from mistress. It wasn’t too bad as we were off our leads, so we could wander off while she was ‘busy’. One thing I want to know is why master always seems to forget to bring our treats when we go for a walk. When we are off our leads we often get called back (I think to make sure we are still around) and as far as I am aware the game is that we come back and get given a treat, then off we go again. Doesn’t sort of work if we come back and there isn’t a treat!!!! He spends hours packing a picnic for them  but then completely forgets about us. Actually lunch wasn’t bad as master had packed too many sandwiches.  So there was some left over for us. We all sat on the edge in the sun admiring the view. Well actually they sat admiring the view, we waited until we were fed then wandered off to explore. Mistress spent half an hour using masters new Phone thingy gadget to see where all the planes were going. From up on the edges you get a magnificent view of all the vapour trails in the sky and she does like to know where they are going to.

The walk back in the afternoon was enjoyable but it was getting a bit cold by the time we got back to the car. Master then had to take mistress for some retail therapy, dragging us along as well. At least we were left in the car, where I could catch up on my afternoon rest. Idiot brother of course just sat there all the time doing his ‘security dog’ thing. Why he can’t just chill out a bit I don’t know.

High land cow near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Idiot Brothers Nemesis

Its all a bit boring – Blue

blue at our peak district cottages

Me with a new toy

Its been weeks since we went for a walk. Ok a walk around the fields with mistress is fun but not like a proper walk. Everyone seems so busy at our cottages (click here). Mistress is constantly in and out of cottages, master is busy doing things in other cottages. It’s all a bit confusing. I get the odd ride down town when master needs something from the builders merchants but that is about it.

The weekend was terrible. Mistress disappeared into the cottages for hours and master just sat at his PC all day working on something to do with a presentation he is giving at the village hall. I bet it isn’t anything interesting like where to go for a walk. It’s bound to be something boring to do with computers. Thank goodness all I have to know about computers is how to type my blog. Everything else is a mystery. Smudge of course is always happy when things are boring. He just curls up in a ball and goes to sleep.

blue at our pet friendly cottages

Me getting dried off - again!

At least at this time of year mistress very kindly puts the fire on for us which is very thoughtful of her. I am getting a bit fed up of having my paws washed every time I go outside but hey ho that’s a dogs life. Smudge is almost traumatized every time he gets his feet done. Anyone would think mistress was trying to drown him.

Mistress has just got back from shopping.This is always a bit of an exciting time as she always brings something back for us. Even if grumpy master tells her off. What is wrong with spoiling us every now and then. It’s not as though we are spoilt dogs!! I always try to help with the unpacking and putting things away. Its all great fun even if I do get told off a lot for ‘getting in the way’. Ha. The usual gratitude you get as a dog.

Blue looking at the shopping at our peak district cottages

Me helping with the shopping

Happy New Year – Smudge

Well what a washout. I am sure I heard somewhere that Christmas was supposed to be a GIVING time. Well! no one gave me anything. All that food and not even a small taste. I suppose we did get a few scrag ends but that was about it. As I am sure idiot brother has explained, we even had to spend most of Christmas in the kitchen which wasn’t too bad except I had to share it with HIM. The least little noise outside and he started woofing. How is a dog suppose to sleep with that racket going on.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Just let me have a Sniff

On the positive side we did get a few walks and everyone who stayed at our cottages (click here) made a fuss of us (even if they didn’t leave out many scraps).

Anyhow less about last year and more about this year. Well actually this year has been a disaster so far as well. I dare not go out any more. Every time I do, I come back to have my paws washed or a full shower. Now I don’t like water at the best of times, but when all I want to do is lie down in front of the fire for a nap and all I get is mistress coming along with a bucket of cold water, I am not impressed.  So I have decided it is safer to stay inside. Of course every now and then I get physically evicted (to do what a dog has got to do) by mistress or master but at least it has cut down on the number of washes a day.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Me with master

I have been helping mistress to take down the Christmas decorations. Well actually I have just been lying in fron of the fire which I reckon is sort of helping as Mistress could see where I was and could walk around me. Idiot brother of course has just been getting in the way. Master at last has taken down the outside lights (after a lot of grumbling). Mistress has been off  Sales shopping on her own much to the relief of master. So I suppose all in all the new year has started pretty much like any other (except warmer than last year).

christmas lights at Bolehill farm

Christmas Lights in the Courtyard.