Plan E = Chee Dale – Blue

Blue in Chee Dale near our pet friendly Holiday Cottages

Me in Chee Dale

Well as mistress was convinced we were going to get some nice weather we all sat down to plan where we would go. Plan A was to go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park & National Coal Mining museum. It was decided this wasn’t a good idea as dogs aren’t allowed down mines. So although it would have been fun to see the sculptures, we would have had to sit in the car for part of the day.  So we vetoed it. Plan B was Biddulph Gardens – we vetoed this as it is National Trust and they don’t like dogs so we probably wouldn’t be allowed in the grounds. Plan C was to go to the National Arboretum – we also vetoed this as they don’t like dogs either. Plan D was a walk in Dove Dale – we were up for this as we like Dove Dale. However, mistress stubbed her little toe last week and she thought it was a bit of a long walk. Plan E   was a walk in

Blue near our Pet friendly holiday cottages

Me with a friend

Chee Dale. Everyone agreed that this was Ok. So we set off from our cottages (click here) to Millers Dale (about 10 mins away) and started out along the Monsal Trail and then dropped down into Chee Dale. We were allowed of our leads from the start so we went off ahead to check things out. After about 15 mins we found out that Chee Dale had been a very very bad mistake. Not only was there a lot of  ‘admiring the scenery’ by Mistress but worse, because she thought it was a bit slippery (we didn’t), we all had to go at a snails pace. I must admit even master found it a bit slow going at times but mistress I think was wishing we had gone with plan D. Anyhow as everyone was watching were they were going we could get on with exploring without too many interruptions. Even Smudge lost his footing on one of the stepping stones and nearly fell in. I thought it was particularly funny.

blue in Chee Dale near out pet friendly holiday cottages

Me checking to see where everyone was

Anyhow mistress recovered when we got out of the dale as there was somewhere to buy an Ice-cream. They didn’t buy us one although we did make friends with a little dog who lived there. We sat down high up looking over the Monsal Trail in glorious sunshine where everyone but me had a rest. I though I should explore a little more just in case. At least the journey back was a lot quicker as mistress didn’t have to watch out for slippery boulders etc. There was a bit of a scary moment when we went through a field with some sheep but I kept close to master just in case. We arrived back at the car just in time for mistress’s afternoon tea. Amazingly she didn’t want to bother. I think she was exhausted from the earlier part of the walk. Well there has to be a first time for everything but I have a feeling we won’t be walking in Chee dale again for a while which is a shame as we enjoyed it.


Chatsworth Sculptures – Smudge

Smudge at Chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me near the Lion

Well it is that time again! Chatsworth Sculpture time. As Chatsworth is only a few minutes from our peak district cottages we always pick a nice day and go for a walk around the outdoor sculptures. Well that is what they call them. Master calls them something else altogether. Its always a pleasant day out (even if we do have to be on our best behaviour and on our leads). Chatsworth is huge so there is plenty of walking, sniffing and general exploring to do. Unfortunately there is also a lot of sitting and admiring as well (or in masters case a lot of ‘what is that supposed to be?’) I must admit I would have thought the Duke would be very cross with the people that dumped a load of rusty metal on his front lawn.

Smudge at Chatsworth near our peak district cottages

Me next to the rusty metal thing

Master would have gone up the wall. We all agreed that the best ‘sculpture’ was the lion. The worse was a couple of rocks in amongst existing rocks. I personally think they just put a rope and sign around it to fool people. Of course we weren’t allowed around the house – as usual NO DOGS! we did manage to join master and mistress for lunch outside at the cafe. Not that we got more than a few scraps.

One of our favorite guests has just left. For years we have had great fun with the lady as she is scared of dogs. Ever since we were puppies we have been able to make her do what we want.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in our fields

I personally can’t see how anyone can be scared of idiot brother but I must admit that when I put on my ‘bad dog’ look, I can look mean. Anyhow, this year something went wrong. Either we are losing our touch or she has become so used to us she is no longer scared which took the fun out of things.  I suppose the upside is she did make a nice fuss of us and even gave us the odd tit-bit. Maybe I will work on my ‘bad dog’ look for New year when they are returning.

Master has put some more pictures of the Sculpture things on our cottages facebook Page see

Last of the well dressings – Blue

Blue at a well dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking 'interested' at the Well dressing

Thank goodness for that. No more wells to go and see.  Of course we had to go to see that last of the Well Dressings over at Hartington (about 10-15 mins from our cottages (click here)). As it was quite a nice afternoon Mistress wanted to go and see them. So we all had to trail over there. I suppose we had a bit of a walk around but nothing exciting. Just a lot of sitting around while mistress looked at the dressings and went round a craft fair. We then of course had to go for afternoon tea at a local cafe. At least we could all sit outside and the girls from the cafe did give us a lot of fuss even if they didn’t give us any food. Anyway no more wells for another year.



Flowers at our peak district cottages

Some of Mistress's Flowers in the Courtyard

We were supposed to be taken out for a walk this week but that seems to have fizzled out as the weather changed and master is a bit of a fair weather walker. I was happy to go but no one else was (especially Smudge). We got abandoned all day Tuesday while mistress and master went off to do the ‘big’ shop at the local cash and carry. We are never allowed on that trip. Something about there not been room on the way back. I must admit looking at the car when they got back, it might have been a bit cosy and I am not sure where Smudge would have gone. Maybe he could have run behind – get some weight of him. The good news is they did come back with 4 bags of dog food so the trip wasn’t a total waste of time. Smudge was getting a bit worried as there were no more bags of food left left in the store – he was near to panic.

A stuck cow at our peak district cottages

The Stuck Cow

A few nights ago we had a silly cow get stuck in the bottom cattle grid. Stupid thing was trying to cross it. Don’t they know that ‘cattle grids’ are to stop ‘cattle’? Anyhow master had to call the farmer and between them they managed to get it’s back foot out and walk it lalong the road to another field. They then decided that they would clear our drive field of cows to make sure none of the others tried the same trick. Smudge was called on to move the last few stragglers. Apparently he is getting quite good at it. Me – I won’t go near the things (unless there is a big fence between us)


Cow Dog again – Smudge

smudge near our peak district dog friendly cottages

Me getting in one of the stragglers

Yesterday I got my chance once again to show just how good a cow dog I am. Andrew (the farmer) was away at a cow thing so me and master went off from our cottages (click here) to help get the cows in for milking. What we hadn’t been told is where they were. They were in four fields stretching from one side of the farm to the other so we had to walk (well I ran Master walked) all the way to the bottom field where I started getting the slower bunch in. Once they were in we walked all the way to the top of the fields near our drive and started getting them in. Luckily they know me by now so I don’t get any lip from them. A well practiced collie stare and they start heading in. Now I have got the hang of  of this cow thing master doesn’t have to do a great deal. I just need to keep checking him that we are going in the right direction and get on with it. I did get distracted a few times. Well you do don’t you. Its those swallows. It is just too tempting to chase them. After all I am a dog.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Lazy days!

I don’t suppose Idiot Brother told you about his last escapade. No. I didn’t think he would have done. Last Saturday he was found wondering along the road at the bottom of our fields. What he was doing there I have no idea. He knows we are not allowed on the road. And he has never been there before. So what was he doing? Our best  guess is that he had somehow gone into a field  and then found that he was trapped as there were now cows between him and home (he won’t go through a field with cows in it) and had decided the best way home to jump over the wall and walk along the road. Idiot! Luckily someone stopped and put him in their car and brought him back. I was all for letting them keep him. Why should we put up with him? He is nothing but trouble .

Anyone want a second hand Collie? Only one careful owner. Partially trained.  Problems – total idiot.



The Red Arrows – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me watching the Red Arrows

Its Chatsworth Show time again. Luckily we didn’t have to go. Not a dog thing really although there is always lots to see, smell and friends to make. But no running around.  Mistress of course, like last year, wanted to see the Red Arrows. Last year was great as we walked over from Bakewell and sat overlooking Chatsworth. This year it was decided that we would watch from the back fields of our cottages (click here). As we are only a few miles from Chatsworth, you can see the hunting tower from our back field.  There was, therefore, a clear view of the entire display,  including them flying right over us. Smudge and I weren’t too pleased about that, so we tried chasing them off which got mistress a bit upset with us. Anyhow mistress enjoyed the display.

Blue at cromford canal near our pet friendly cottages

Me on the Cromford Canal

Sunday was a bit of a cock-up. We were supposed to go and have a look around Leawood Pumping station   on the Cromford  Canal as they were having an open day with the engine working etc.  Didn’t sound very interesting to me, but master seemed keen. Off we went, only to find that mistress had got the dates wrong and it was closed – great! So instead it was decided we would have a walk along the Cromford canal to the Cromford Wharf tea room where mistress could have her afternoon tea. Even on our leads we had a  nice walk along the old tow path and a laze in the sun while mistress had her afternoon tea.

Cromford Canal near our pet friendly holiday accommodation

The Canal bridge at High Peak Junction