Boring Gardens again – Smudge

Smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in one of the Gardens

OK I am a dog and I am supposed to like gardens. And I do. But only when they are big open spaces and we can run around them. Pretty little gardens just don’t do it for me. Idiot brother didn’t seem too disinterested but then he had master looking after him so each garden took a couple of minutes. I had mistress which meant we had to look at every flower, every tree, every stone and even the weeds.  Worse still we had to be on our best behaviour because ‘they weren’t our gardens’.  Not even a treat this time. Just a pat and  a sticker on my head. Surely a sticker is worth at least one treat? I was an advertising hording.

Smudge in bakewell

Me leading mistress down some steps

I think I heard mistress saying this was the last set of gardens this year. We had been hoping for a walk from our Bakewell cottages  but as mistress thought the weather looked a bit iffy she decided that we would look round the Bakwell open gardens instead. I tried to suggest that we could be left to look after the cottages but of course idiot brother was all for going. I knew it was going to be bad when I saw the short leads coming out. Its never good when the short leads are to be used.

Looking towards bakewell Church near our cottages

One of the gardens with a view of Bakewell church

Mistress seemed to enjoy it and as usual we had to stop for an afternoon tea at one of the little cafes in Bakewell. At least we didn’t get left in the car as we could sit with them in the outside courtyard and watch all the food go past. Why they won’t let dogs into cafes I don’t know. Just think of all those scraps we could help get rid of. Very environmentally friendly solution if you ask me.

A walk along the Roaches – Blue

Blue on the Raoches near our pet friendly holiday cottage

Me on the Raoches

Another walk! Amazing! I can’t remember the last time we had so many walks in such a short space of time. This time it was decided we would go to the Roaches which is near to Leek (about 20mins from our cottages (click here)). As the heather was still out mistress was keen to see what it was like over in Staffordshire. I think she was impressed. At least there wasn’t as many of those horrible little flies that we got last week. Mistress seemed to do better this week. Probably because master didn’t take us off on a route march across the country side and it wasn’t as steep. As it was such a clear day we could see Jodrell Bank off in the distance and mistress reckoned we could see the hills of Wales in the far distance.

Blue at the roaches near our peak district cottages

Me waiting for everyone

This time we were let off our leads for most of the time. Unfortunately I had the misfortune of getting Mistress so when we were on the road and on our leads I was at the back. Smudge was happy as he was in the front where he likes to be. At lunch time we sat down in a field with a view over to a reservoir in the distance. Once we had figured out all the food had gone we went off to play ‘chase the swallows’ before we set off back to the car.

Smudge at the roaches near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Smudge admiring the view from the Roaches

Of course on the way back home we had to drop into a tea shop to let mistress have her afternoon tea. As usual we got nothing!

Did Smudge tell you how I accidentally locked us in the kitchen.  It wasn’t really my fault. If master got up earlier I wouldn’t have to wake him and I wouldn’t have accidentally locked the door. So it was his fault really, though I was a bit worried when he couldn’t get in. I thought I was in for it, but luckily he saw the funny side, even if Smudge didn’t (I don’t think Smudge understands ‘funny’). I assume he was worried about mistress not being able to get in to feed him.

What a pain – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me checking Master's latest toy.

Well I have seen everything now at our Peak District cottages. Guess what idiot brother has done now? He managed to lock us in the kitchen. Not once but twice. The idiot was pawing the door (he does that to try and wake master in a morning) and his paw pressed down on the door stop. When master came down in the morning the door just wouldn’t open. Whatever master tried it just wouldn’t budge. Help! How am I going to get fed was my immediate worry. Idiot brother just sat there. I’ll kill him!

Luckily master remembered that he had a spare key to the back door, in his pocket, so he had to walk all the way round the house and  come into the kitchen via the back door. He was not very happy. Idiot brother just wagged his tail. THROW him out! LEAVE HIM in a kennel! Anything but just don’t leave him with me. Anyhow at least master knew who the culprit was and didn’t yell at me.

Then blow me down. Idiot brother did exactly the same the next morning. Master has now taken the door stop off.


Salt Cellar Derwent edge Walk – Blue

Blue at the Salt Cellar near our pet friendly cottages

Me at the ROCK!

A walk on the moors but not as we know it! As it was a nice day it was decided we would walk up to the Salt Cellar from Ladybower Reservoir. As the heather was also in flower this seemed like a really good idea. Master packed everything as mistress was busy with the washing etc. Off we went very early for us (you need to be there early to get a parking space) and got there about 10:00. Ladybower is about 25-30 mins from our cottages (click here).  We were about to set of when it was realised that master had forgotten to pack our leads. Typical – I new I should have got mistress to check everything. Luckily there was a spare set of short leads in the car. So no problem. Off we went thinking that we would be let of our leads once we were away from the road. But Oh NO!. When we go to the forest path there was a great big sign that said “NO DOGS EXCEPT ON LEADS due to nesting birds”.  There was also a sign that said “Shooting Today”. Which sounded a bot worrying.  So off we went and for the first time since we were puppies we were on leads ALL day. Not only leads but short leads. At least we didn’t have to do that “at heal” thing we have to do down town. That is definitely for the more namby pamby dog. Not the roughy toughy worldly dogs like us (well like me anyhow – not sure about smudge). I was lucky I got master. Poor old Smudge (deserves him right) got mistress all day. Which meant walking at about 1 mile an hour and stopping to ‘admire the view’ every 2 or 3 steps.  He was not happy as he likes to be out in front checking the route but all he saw all day was masters boots in front of him.  The heather was out and mistress and master were very impressed. So would we have been if we had been allowed to play in it. We met some of the Shoot beaters who had dogs with them. They weren’t on leads. If we had been given a chance I am sure we could have helped. After all we have been practicing for years. In fact we practice, by chasing swallows, most days (during summer). How hard can it be?  Anyway we got to the Salt Cellar after about 3 miles of walking. Well what can I say. Its a rock. No point hanging around lets go. But Oh No. We had to do the photographs, stare  in wonder at the ROCK before we could move on.

Blue at Ladybower reservoir near our peak district cottages

Me with Ladybower reservoir in the background

We stopped for lunch near to the Rock. Master found a handy ledge where we could  sit and admire the view (well mistress did). Smudge fell asleep (once all the food had gone) and I spent the  time catching flies. There were millions of them.  I think they are called Heather Flies.  They come out on the moors when the Heather is in flower and swarm when the sun is out. As soon as the sun goes in, they disappear.  After my escapade with the wasps I am a bit more wary about flying things but these seemed OK and didn’t seem to bite and were great fun to catch (which wasn’t difficult).  After lunch, which wasn’t too bad as we had a few scraps, we went ‘off piste’. This meant scrambling over a load of gorse and heather etc. to get to a lower path. Great fun (would have been better off our leads) but mistress was very very slow. Smudge was lucky. Master looked after both of us on the way down. We could have had major fun if we had been off our leads as we disturbed a load of rabbits and could have chased them for ages. Instead they just stood around 20-30 yards away sneering at us. Let me get at them!

Blue at our peak district cottages

OK so what is the next job!

The walk back was uneventful other than master having to take Smudge for mistress’s ‘final decent’. We got back to the car then went  to look at the Howden and Derwent reservoirs. They seemed very empty to us but then what do dogs know about reservoirs (you can’t eat them, chase them or play with them so what is the point). On the way back, as usual, we had to stop for mistress’s afternoon tea. At least they sat outside and allowed us to join them even if we didn’t get anything.

You can see more of master’s photos on our cottages Facebook Fan Page at – pictures.


A walk on Abney Moor – Smudge

smudge on the Moor near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on the moor

At last a walk rather than been dragged round some show or garden.  As the heather seems to be out early this year mistress decided she wanted to go and see it. It was decided we would go to Abney Moor which is near Hathersage (about 20 mins from our cottages (click here)).  It was one of those walks were we where let of our leads for most of time so we could wander around. As usual going was slow with mistress stopping every few minutes to do the ‘admire the view’ thing she does. Although a bit windy when we got up on the moor it was very sunny and mistress spend loads of time photographing the views towards Hathersage, The Edges and Ladybower Reservoir (see pictures).

a moor near por pet friendly self catering holiday cottages

Another shot of me on the Moor

We stopped for lunch on the Moor with views towards Ladybower reservoir. For once we didn’t do too bad for lunch, although I did noticed we didn’t get any of the ham sandwich, all we go was some of the marmite sandwich which I wasn’t too keen on but something is better than nothing. We did get into a bit of trouble while they were having lunch. It was idiot brothers fault. He spotted some gliders way off  in the distance so went to chase them off.  Stupidly I followed him. This got both of us into major trouble and we were put on our leads for the rest of lunch.

Idiot brother had to be put on his lead when we were passing through a field with some cows in. There were only about three but he panicked and was about to disappear into the distance so master put him on his lead and dragged him past them.  We got a bit lost coming down from the moor as  footpaths weren’t very clear but luckily master had actually got batteries in his SATNAV thing and that helped. We had found our way down easily but mistress is a bit more picky about where she goes. As usual we ended up having afternoon tea on the way back home.

a walk near our peak district cottages

Oh no lost again

Did idiot brother tell you about our new designation. We are now officially ‘Senior’ dogs. He is very upset about it but I think its great. I am hoping it will let me get  some more ‘down time’ and not have to pretend I enjoy running around. There may even be more food involved. Surely if I am a ‘Senior’ I should be fed more!




Bakewell Show – Blue

blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

'How much more boring can it get'

The Bakewell Show is a yearly occurrence and as it is only a few minutes from our cottages (click here) we go every now and then. This was one of those years.  Amazingly we were off by about 9:15. We are usually a lot later as mistress needs to do this and then master needs to do that – it all seems to take forever. Anyway this time we were taken by surprise as everyone was ready early. So after enticing Smudge into the car we drove down to the outskirts of town then walked down the hill to the show ground. It was very busy and even more boring than I remember from last time.  Mistress is bad enough when we are out for a walk but at a show it is stop/start stop/start ALL the time. Nowhere to play or run around. I suppose there were quite a few dogs that we had a chat with and the Dog Show looked interesting even if master wanted to put us into the scruffiest mutt category.

Shirley at the Bakewell Show

Mistress in her element

I must admit all the dogs in the show did look a bit well groomed. We prefer to have the ‘working’ dog look. One of our friends (a whippet) who is staying in our pet friendly cottages was showing. She came second in her class (whatever that is). The worst part was when mistress wanted to go and see the show cattle. Why? Don’t we have enough cows in our own fields. Anyway once I realised where we were going that was it. I wasn’t going in there and just sat down and refused to budge. Master had to take us outside and let mistress wander around on her own.  Later we went in to see the goats . They were OK.  They seemed a happier lot than those sheep things. Anyhow thank goodness that is over for another year. Mistress enjoyed it and master seemed happy with looking at the big boys toys but we could have had more fun chasing swallows at home.

pet friendly cottages near bakewell

Our friend receiving her award

One thing that really annoyed us was one of the many pet shop stalls was giving away free food samples. As you can imagine Smudge was there like a shot. They asked mistress our age and than handed her a ‘single’ (not two – one each) sachet of  ‘Senior’ dog food. We are only 7 we don’t have a bus pass (do dogs get a bus pass) so why the senior bit. We (well me) are in the prime of our youth. So not only did we only get one sample between two of us, they also insulted us. I won’t be eating their food (Smudge probably will as he will eat anything).

On the way back to the car we had to stop at one of the many tea shops in Bakewell for Mistress’s afternoon tea.  We sat outside in the shade and the owner was very kind and brought us a bowl of water.  I think Smudge thought it was food but all the same we were very grateful.  Then it was the steep climb back up to the car.

(Master says he has posted some more photos of the show on our new Facebook Fan page at

In the evening we decided we would have a barbecue. The first this year. Well when I say we, I mean Mistress and Master had a barbecue and we just sat around savouring the smells and hoping.  It was a glorious evening and we managed to have a game of chase the balloon for half an hour or so.

cheases at the Bakewell show

Good job Smudge wasn't allowed in this tent

A bull at the bakewell show

Glad I didn't have to go near him