A walk along the edges – Smudge

smudge on curbar edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on Curbar edge

I assume idiot brother has told you about his wasp stings. I bet he milked it for all it was worth! He would. How much can a little wasp hurt? They are only little things. But oh no he was moping around and putting on that sorrowful dog look which gets mistress every time. He got all the attention for at least two days. I have a feeling she even gave him extra dinner ‘to cheer him up’. Well I need ‘cheering up’ but I don’t get extra dinner. Anyhow luckily it has now all been forgotten about  so I get my fair amount of attention again.

Master has been decorating in the house for the last week so its been a bit fraught. He does seem to be a bit edgy when he is doing things. I try and help but get the usual ‘you’re in the way’ from him. Anyhow he seems to have finished for the moment and we celebrated with a picnic in one of our favourite spots. Its on the walk from our pet friendly cottages to Sheldon and is about 10 mins across the fields so no need for us to be on leads. As usual we didn’t get much to eat but we did enjoy chasing the white butterflies and I enjoyed watching idiot brother having to run all the way round one of the fields to avoid going through the cows. All of us laughed at him.

Smudge near our peak district cottages

Me guiding mistress across a stream

Yesterday we went off for a walk along the edges at Baslow, Curbar, Froggett etc. Its a walk we have done before but we always seem to do it in winter so it was nice to see the heather coming out etc. You can see the edges from our cottages so they are not far away. Luckily we were allowed off our leads for most of the way. Of course idiot brother nearly spoilt it by wandering off. We know we are suppose to stick to the footpath but oh no he goes wandering off to investigate things and nearly gets us put back on our leads. As usual mistress did a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ thing she does. When we stop to sniff something interesting we get told to hurry up. When she stops that’s OK. Doesn’t seem fair. Lunch was had sitting on one of the edges admiring the view. As usual we didn’t get anything but a bowl of water. As we were a bit late setting off we missed mistress’s usual afternoon tea but it was a

nice day out.

You can see more of masters photographs of the edges at our new cottage Facebook page  at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Bolehill-Cottages/142505442492927. Please ‘Like’ it for him as he does try.

A view from curbar endeg near our dog friendly cottages

A view from Curbar Edge

Aview from curbar edge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

A view from Curbar Edge

Stung by Wasps – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly peak district cottages

Me feeling a bit sorry for myself

I have always wondered why I get yelled at when I try and catch those pesky black and yellow stripped flying things. Now I know! There I was minding my own business out for our evening constitutional around our cottages (click here) with Mistress when all of a sudden I felt a stinging feeling in my side. Ouch that hurt – I thought. Then another. Well that was it, I was off across the fields to try and get away from whatever I was that was attacking me. But it didn’t stop. I tried biting it but something was still stinging me. So I ran home and decided to cower in the office. At least by this time whatever it was had stopped hurting me but I felt terrible and my side was stinging in all sorts of places.

Pet friendly holiday cottages


Mistress found me in reception feeling very sorry for myself and was very concerned so called master. Neither could understand what was the problem with me until master noticed a wasp in my fur. It then dawned on them that I must have got near to a wasps nest and been attacked by wasps. Master got on the internet to find if there was anything they could do to help.  First he combed me to see if there were any more wasps in my fur. He found another of the little blighters. Then mistress made up a paste of baking soda and they dabbed it on the stings to help relieve the pain. Well I can tell you that whatever the interenet says it made no difference what so ever.  Slowly the stinging did get a bit better and I could at least relax a bit.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me back to normal

Master and mistress were going out to  craft exhibition preview in Buxton for the evening and had intended to  leave us at home but rather than leave us they took us to keep an eye on me.  Which was fine by me but Smudge grumbled.  There I was in pain and all Smudge could do was grumble that he didn’t want to go in the car.  Mistress enjoyed her craft fair but master did pop back to the car every 20-30 mins to check on me but by that time I was feeling a lot better.

This morning I can still feel a bit of stinging but I am raring to go. I am not going near that area of the field again though, even if master assures me he has killed the horrible things.


Summer – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in the shade

I do like summer. We are allowed outside at our peak district cottages whenever we like and there are always cosy spots to have a nap, cows to annoy, swallows to chase and generally enjoy our grounds.  Its good to be outside as I don’t have to be in the same room as idiot brother. I can go off and do my own thing. I have also noticed people sit outside eating at this time of year.  There is, therefore, always a greater opportunity of the odd snack.  I know mistress has warned people not to feed me but I don’t understand why. Do I look fat? NO! So why the problem with me having the odd snack now and then. We seem to get more visiting dog friends at this time of year as well. Its always fun to get acquainted with new (or old) friends.  Although idiot brother has a bad habit of spoiling things by barking too much. I wish master would muzzle him or do something to keep him quiet.

Smudge on a walk in the peak district

Me sitting 'IN' the river Lathkill

The cows are an endless source of fun. They seem to enjoy watching us as much as we enjoy watching them. We just sit still for 5-10 mins and they all gather round watching us. We then all of a sudden jump up run and forward and they scatter to the four corners of the field. We then sit and watch them slowly wander back and we start the process all over again.  Idiot brother obviously has to play this game behind a fence or a wall as he is scared of the cows. Me – I can play it anywhere.

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me being groomed by master

Master always seems to be doing something so he often has to go off to town (or elsewhere) to get stuff.  This is excellent as he always takes idiot brother with him and I can get some time with mistress (on my own).  Why idiot brother likes going in the car is anyone’s guess.  You certainly don’t catch me in the car unless I really really have to (like we are going off for a walk somewhere).

We even get groomed outside. The picture is of me enjoying a grooming session with master. It all looks a bit undignified but we enjoy it and it does get our coats looking all shiny ready to find something to roll in. We also get a treat afterwards so it can’t be too bad.

Monsal Trail and tunnels – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at the start of one of the Tunnels

I know Smudge mentioned in his blog about us having a walk along the new Monsal trail but being Smudge of course he didn’t tell you much about it. So I though I would, as I found the new trail very exciting. Over the last few months they have opened up all the old tunnels along the Monsal trail. So you can now walk (or cycle) from Bakewell all the way to Buxton.

Anyhow last week off we went with Master and Mistress’s friends. The trail is not far from our Bolehill Holiday cottages. In fact if you wanted to walk from Bakewell it would be no more than 2.5miles. But we decided to go to Cressbrook and walk round Cressbrook and join the trail further along, so mistress could see the new views from between the tunnels, and then walk back to Monsal Head.

blue in a tunnel near our peak district cottages

Me in one of the tunnels

It has to be said that master wanted to hire electric bikes from the Hassop Bike Hire Shop (which is on the trail near Bakewell) but he was overruled.  I wasn’t sure about the bikes bit either. It would have meant that Smudge and I would have had to run all the way. Fine for me but Smudge is a bit overweight and may not of made it.

I can report that the trail is very similar to what it was before.  Lots of smells, plenty of areas to explore and we are allowed off our leads for a while.  The tunnels looked a bit foreboding when I first looked at them but once I realised they were well lit and there were loads of different areas to explore inside them it was great fun.  They have even tarmaced the path for us so it makes it easier on or paws (very considerate towards dogs I thought).

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'chilling' in our front garden

Of course we had to do a lot of the ‘stopping to admire the view’ bit after emerging from each of the tunnels which slowed us down a bit but mistress enjoyed it.  Once we go to Monsal Head we had to climb out of the dale to the tea shop at the top where of course mistress had to have Coffee and a cake. Nothing for us of course.

More Gardens and things – Smudge

Smudge at another well

Another day another well.

How many more wells can there be?  What wells have we done so far? Tissington, Over Haddon, Monyash, Youlgrave, Litton. How many more can there be?  I am sure it was not this bad last year. At least we got let off having to go round the Bakewell ones. Master didn’t. He got dragged round but luckly we were left at home. Then last weekend we had to ‘do’ another set of gardens. This time over at Great Longstone which is about 10 mins from our cottages (click here).  At least we got a nice walk up to one of the houses outside the village which was doing afternoon teas – a must for mistress.  At last the weather is improving so we managed to get in a picnic at mistresses favourite picnic spot. It also happens to be a great spot for swallow chasing so we were a bit preoccupied with that but did pop back every now and then to check for any left over food.

A 'team' photo (including idiot brother)

There have been quite a few dogs staying at our dog friendly holiday cottages in the last few weeks. So we have had lots of friends to run around with and a few cottages where I could put on my ‘I am starved’ look and get away with it. One cottage was especially generous so I made sure I went round a few times a day. Don’t tell mistress. My current meagre rations might get cut back even more.

Master and mistress’s friends from Yorkshire came over to stay for a couple of days. You know the ones that are allergic to dogs!  The bad news is we got banned to the kitchen a few times in the evening but the good news is that we got taken for a couple of  decent walks. The first was a bit short but was through the newly opened Monsal Trail Tunnels which was different and the other was up in the Goyt valley were we have been a few times before.

Smudge in a garden near our pet friendly holiday cottages

I hate Gardens!

The Goyt valley was the bestest walk as we were let off our leads most of the day.  The only serious problem was with mistress and her friend. Between them they are even slower than mistress on her own. At least we got 4 sets of sandwiches we could get some leftovers from.