Well Dressings – Blue

Blue at the over haddon well dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking 'Interested' at the Over haddon Well

Its the well dressing season again. So mistress drags us all off each evening to see ANOTHER well.  I suppose they are quite pretty if you are a human but if you are a dog then they are dead boring. Sunday was off to Ashford in Water (a few mins from our cottages (click here)) and then on to Over Haddon. At the Over Haddon well we all had to look interested as mistress had done some of the petling (she seemed to have done quite a good job). She disappeared down to the village for a few hours on Wednesday to help with the preparation of the ‘dressing’ and did quite a lot of ‘petling’.  We all wondered where she had disappeared to. Yesterday evening we were dragged off to Tideswell and Litton to see their wells. At least we get a bit of a walk. Even if it is on our leads. Litton was quite a nice village. Strangely we had only ever been there in the dark, so mistress was very impressed with the village green and village houses etc.

Asford well dressing near our peak district cottages

Ashford Well Dressing

We even stopped for dinner at the local pub. Well when I say we, I mean master and mistress had dinner and we had to sit and watch.

We have had a few cow free weeks recently which has meant I could get out and explore our front field again. But unfortunately all good things come to an end and they are back again. For a few days we had the youngsters which was quite fun as they are more nosey than the older ones. This means I could poke fun at them, through the fence, a lot easier. Anyway they have gone and we are left with the BIG older ones.

Tissington well dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

One of Tideswell's Well Dressings

A wet day – Smudge

Peak district cottages

Me at Tissington

What a horrible day at our cottages (click here)! AH! and they wanted me to go out in it. No chance. That is definitely not on. Of course idiot brother went out and we didn’t see him back for ages.  Which was good as at least I could get some peace. Of course he came back soaking wet but didn’t seem to mind. Glad I didn’t go I might have caught my death of cold. Anyhow I did get dragged out after dinner to do what a dogs got to do then straight back in. I though it was supposed to be summer.

Sorry we haven’t blogged for a week. Its master he has been hogging the PC. He won’t buy us our own. I don’t know why. Mistress has her own so why can’t we have one. We are socially disadvantaged without access to our blog.  I think I might feel a complaint coming on.

Silage time at our peak district cottages

Silage Time

We managed to get taken for a nice long walk over at Winster last week. It was a bit windy but at least we were allowed off our leads. Idiot brother got a bit worried about a few fields of cows and sheep but apart from that it was reasonably uneventful apart from Master managing to get us lost (even with his SATNAV). Of cause he blamed us. He reckoned he was following us. Well that is pretty stupid as we are never told where we are going so why follow us. Anyhow in the end he managed to sort it out and we got back on track.

The well dressing season has started so we got dragged over to Tissington last week to see the well dressings. I suppose it wasn’t too bad but we did have to be on our leads all the time and we had to pose for stupid photos. Mistress enjoyed it though.

pet friendly holiday cottages

I can do the fetch thing too!