A walk near Wetton – Blue

Blue near our peak district cottages

Me waiting for them to catch up

At last a nice long walk. It was suppose to be nice and sunny according to Mistress. We set of from our peak district cottages under heavy clouds that were suppose to lift (Ha! Some chance).  Anyhow the good news is that it didn’t rain the bad news is that the sun didn’t come out so master was a bit grumpy (when isn’t he). The walk started very badly for me. We were allowed off our leads almost immediately but every few minutes or so I was getting yelled at and threatened to be put back on my lead. This went on for a good 1/2 hour. In the end Smudge reminded me that we weren’t allowed over stiles or through gates until Master and Mistress had been over/through them.  As soon as he mentioned it I remembered. Its been such a long time since we had a walk that I had forgotten and Smudge was just enjoying seeing me get into trouble.  After this little episode the walk went very well.

Blue in the manifold valley near our peak district cottages

Me in the Manifold Valley

Only a few cows and sheep to worry about. I kept close to master through these just to make sure. We (well they) had lunch high up on the side of the Manifold Valley over looking where we would be in the afternoon.  The walk consisted of  quite a bit of  ‘up’ and ‘downing’ which didn’t seem to do Mistress much good. She managed to get back to the car so she had to be take for afternoon tea at Ilam National Trust  tea shop. We usually sit outside with them when we we go there but it had just started to rain so we were left in the car.

As the cows are once again in our front field, I am a bit  restricted where I can roam. I am NOT going through those Cows. So I tend to sit around in the courtyard or the front garden. I know the backfields don’t have cows in them but you just never know when they are going to turn up.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Just a quick nap

Anyhow Smudge and myself remembered a game we use to play last year. Its called chase the swallows. Its great fun even if I am restricted to the lawn.  There seems to be loads of them this year so loads to chase. Unfortunately I may have over done it because that night I could hardly stand up.  My legs felt like jelly (good job Smudge didn’t find out he might have eaten them). Mistress was very concerned.  The next morning I felt a lot better but as soon as we started chasing swallows again the same problem started.  I must be getting old. Mistress has now banned us from swallow chasing.


Gardens Again – Smudge

Smudge at Stanton near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in yet another GARDEN

Ok so its nearly summer. Does that really mean we have to get dragged round gardens again.  I thought we did all that last year. Anyhow Mistress decided that as we hadn’t been round the Stanton-in-Peak gardens (which are just across the valley from our cottages (click here)) we had to go. So into the CAR we were bundled and then dragged round garden after garden. As usual we were confined to our leads and got the  usual ‘don’t do that’ and ‘don’t walk there’. What is a dog supposed to do. It was even worse for idiot brother. He gets yelled at when on a normal walk. Going round gardens he is almost in permanent trouble.

a garden in stanton neat our pet friendly holiday cottages

One of the gardens in Stanton

I tried to hurry the whole process along by pulling mistress round quicker but that didn’t work as she passed me over to master. Well that was bad news as he is very strict about us walking on leads so I had to behave myself.  We did get a biscuit from one of the garden owners which was nice. I nearly managed to get idiot brother’s as well but he just beat me to it. Mistress and Master had a drink outside the village pub but nothing for us. And what about my afternoon nap? No one thought about that while I was being dragged round.

Stanton near our peak district cottages

A garden in Stanton

The cows are back in the front field (they had been round the back) so idiot brother is a bit confined to the front garden again (he is too scared to go through them). Serves him right.

Mistress’s Birthday – Blue

Blue at Lea gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at Lea Gardens

Its that time of year again. Firstly I had to get master away from our cottages (click here) and down to town to buy mistress a birthday present. If I hadn’t he wouldn’t have remembered. This wasn’t easy. As you know he is a Yorkshire man.  So is a bit tight with his money. Fortunately  he needed to get something from town so I managed to drag him round some shops to find something.  Gold ear rings! Diamond ring! No chance. What did he plumb for? Flowers and chocolates!  OK mistress is a sucker for chocolates and flowers but he could have been a bit more imaginative. I did suggest a few things but he didn’t seem to listen.

Lea gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The next issue was what to do for mistress’s birthday! Well we all knew what it meant if this was left up to mistress and unfortunately it was. So off we went on the yearly pilgrimage to Lea Gardens and then on to  junction 28 shopping centre. OK Lea gardens is nice and sort of dog friendly but come on we could have gone for a long walk or something more exciting. But I suppose it is mistress’s birthday so it is up to her what we do. (Aside – Why don’t we ever have a birthday???). As usual she did enjoy the gardens and we had a pleasant lunch sitting outside admiring the view.

A shopping centre near our peak district cottages

Me waiting for mistress at the shopping centre

Then it was off to the dreaded shopping centre. Not a dog friendly place. We had to stay in the car. I don’t think master was too excited about it either. I think he just tags along and carries the shopping and keep an eye on how much mistress spends. Smudge was happy because he could have an afternoon snooze but as I was left in charge of security I needed to be alert all the time.  Mistress sent master back to the car at least twice to dump the shopping.  Who knows what she was buying. Master was at his most apprehensive when he came back for the last time. We were sitting around for about 1/2 hour waiting for mistress.  I think he was a bit worried at just how much she could spend in 1/2 hour on her own. In the end she appeared with only one shopping bag so I assume it didn’t break the bank.

Working Dog – Smudge


Smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

There is always one!

Had a great day at our (click here) today. Master and Mistress went off to Chesterfield to get the monthly supplies in so left us on our own. This gave me plenty of time to get in some serious duvet time. Idiot brother of course complained constantly that we hadn’t been taken. Why would we want to go to Chesterfield. Not many fields in Chesterfield. Of course I did keep getting disturbed by idiot brother barking at anyone who walked up the courtyard – doing his security thing!! I think he just likes the sound of his own bark. Anyhow it is very disturbing when you are trying to get to sleep.


getting the cows in at our pet friendly holiday cottagesAs the farmer opposite is away on holiday and only his son is around to do the milking,  I was ‘volunteered’ to round-up the cows and get them into the milking parlour.  I suppose it was a bit of a team effort really as mistress and master came with me. But it was me that did most of the work (well I ran around a lot). Luckily we left idiot brother behind (much to his annoyance).  I hate to think what would have happened if he had tried to round-up cows especially as he is scared of them. Why I don’t know.


smudge at our peak district cottages

They don't always do as they are told

It was all a bit upsetting yesterday. We had a few thunderstorms. I don’t like thunder. Nor does idiot brother. As soon as I heard the first clap I went in search of master (just to make sure he was ok). But he was nowhere to be found. He had gone off down town which surprised me as idiot brother was still around. Usually they go off together. Anyhow in the end I found mistress and decided to keep her company. idiot brother of course went into hiding. In the end we found him in the upstairs bedroom.  We are not allowed upstairs so I just don’t know why he goes up there.


A walk in Deap Dale – Smudge

Smudge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'admiring' a wild Orchid

Idiot brother isn’t very happy as the cows are back in our front field at our peak district cottages.  He spends most of the day in the front garden just watching them.  I think he likes to keep an eye on them – just in case! That’s fine by me. At least we know where to find him and he is not getting into any trouble. We have quite a few children here over the bank holidays which has been a bit daunting at times. Idiot brother loves all the attention but I find it disturbs my ‘Down Time’.  The odd pat and stroke now and then fine but we were constantly being called out to play and have our photos taken and be stroked. Master says its part of our job description to ‘look cute’ and be ‘petted by Children’ but I don’t remember signing up to that.  The ‘look cute’ bit I can do in moderation but I do need my rest. Actually thinking about it, it wasn’t all bad as I did get some tit bits from them every now and then.

Wild Orchid near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Wild Orchid in Deep Dale

Sunday we went a walk directly from our pet friendly holiday cottages over to Sheldon And, down to near Ashford then back up Deep Dale. As we know the area well, we were allowed off our leads for most of the time.  This gave us lots of opportunities to explore. Even idiot brother behaved himself. It was a glorious day (except for the wind). Mistress wanted to go to Deep Dale to see the wild early-purple orchids. Apparently  Deep Dale is a conservation area so they don’t allow sheep or cattle on it which please idiot brother. I myself couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. They are just flowers, look the same, smell the same, taste the same as any other flower. Every time we went near a clump we were called back to make sure we didn’t ‘trample them down’. Who cares! They are flowers! Mistress was a bit disappointed that they weren’t as numerous as the last time we saw them but even still we had to do a lot of the ‘stopping thing’. As we had walked from home we didn’t have to do the usual stop for Afternoon tea.

Top of Deap Dale near Bakewell

The top of Deap Dale