Oh No! They are back – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Its safer this side of the fence

Easter passed without anything exciting happening at our cottages (click here) as mistress and master were working all the time. We had some friends to play with  and a few children that made a fuss of us but apart from that no walks or anything. The beginning of the week was OK.  I managed to  help master install a TV system in the new village hall, so people could watch ‘the wedding’ on a big screen. As usual it took a lot longer than he had planned.

Wednesday was a really bad, bad day. Mistress and master went off to Leek without us. That meant I had to spend the day with Smudge.  He is just no fun. All he wanted to do is sleep all day.  Why?  There is always loads of things to do. For instance I kept a careful eye out for intruders and generally made a noise if I suspected anyone was likely to break in.

a cow at our pet friendly holiday cottages

They are Back.

All I got for this vigilance was a ‘keep quiet’ from Smudge. Someone has to do the job. Anyhow when mistress and master got back I ran out to greet them to find there were now COWS in OUR front field.  Where had they come from?  They weren’t there in the morning. I hadn’t heard them arriving.  Now you may not remember but I don’t really like cows.  They are a bit big and don’t do as they are told. So just in case I keep at least a wall or fence between me and them.  This means at times I am restricted to our front garden and guest lawn.  Smudge of course is too stupid to realise how big and menacing they are. Master is the same, he just walks through them.  Actually thinking about it most people do. What is wrong with them can’t they see how big they are.

A walk to Lud’s Church -Smudge


pet friendly Holiday cottages

Me in Lud's 'Church'

Wednesday was our day of f  at our Peak district cottages so it was decided that we would go over to the Roaches and  take a walk to ‘Lud’s Church‘. Very strange we thought! Dogs aren’t usually allowed in Churches. So why would we want to walk to one. It turns out that Lud’s Church isn’t a Church at all, it is a small gorge in the rocks. The walk up to it was a bit steep for mistress but we all got there in the end. Even idiot brother behaved himself .


Lunch as usual was a taken with a nice view but no lunch for us. Just a bowl of water.  We did manage to cadge a few tit-bits from mistress but that was about it.  What we hadn’t realised is that we were having lunch in a field with Sheep. Not really a problem as they were well away from us until one of the bigger, dominant, sheep decided to come and investigate. Idiot brother of course was very worried and went to sit with master.

peak district cottages walks

I even have to share with HIM

I just kept an eye on it. Luckily it didn’t get too near.


Walks from our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Anything for me

The walk back was a bit of a strain for mistress. It was all a bit up and down but very pleasant in the spring sunshine. There were even some Bluebells out in some of the woods (or so Mistress told us).  We were allowed off our leads for most of the time so we could explore while waiting for mistress to catch up. However, mistress soon recovered when we stopped for the usual afternoon tea.


In the evening it was all a bit traumatic. At this time of year we get Balloons flying near to us.  In general we manage to keep them away from OUR grounds but this time they totally ignored us and flew right over us in spite of both of us telling them time and time again not to.  Idiot brother over did it a bit (well there is a surprise) and went totally mad and I think hurt himself. Anyway he was very quiet and limping a bit that evening (which was good) and the next day he seemed to keep to himself and just lie around (very good). Unfortunately he seems to have completely recovered and once again is a major pain around the place.

Ballon over our peak district cottages

A balloon over OUR grounds




Grass Cutting Time again – Blue

Blue at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Me being goalie

It must be nearly summer as master has started cutting the grass at our cottages (click here) and getting out the children’s play things. I always like the grass cutting as I can follow the lawn mower around trying to catch the grass.  I also just love the way Smudge always lies where master is about to cut.  You could sell tickets to other dogs to come and watch his stupidity. Every time Smudge gets  moved, he moves to the next place master will be mowing. You would think he would learn. We have had a few children here this week which I quite enjoy as they are always willing to play with me (which is more than can be said for master who is always too ‘busy’!)

The cows are out at our peak district cottages


I don’t know if you read mistress’ blog but if you do you will know that the COWS are out in the fields again. Luckily they are not in OUR fields yet but it is now only a matter of time. I am just not happy with cows around as they tend to bully me.  I therefore keep a safe distance from them or make sure master is between me and them. Smudge of course doesn’t seem to mind and just blindly wanders through them. I told you he was stupid.

Padley Gorge walk – Smudge

Smudge in padley gorge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in Padley Gorge

At last a nice long walk in the spring sunshine.  We left our cottages (click here) at a reasonable time and headed over to the National Trust Longshaw Estate where we started our walk down to Padley Gorge. Now no one told me but it was masters birthday and mistress had planned the walk so we could stop for lunch at the Grindleford Station Cafe which is masters favourite stop. He likes the bacon babs they make. And I am sure I would too if I was given a chance to try one. But no.  We got a bowl of WATER. I tried all my cute poses on mistress (pointless on master) but still no bacon. Oh well its a dogs life.

Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge

After Grindleford we made our way up Padley Gorge which was quite spectacular in the spring sun which of course meant we had to stop for mistress to ‘admire the view’ every few feet.

Master seems a lot better although he still seems to get a bit out of breath when we are going up hill but that could be his age. Did idiot brother tell you about the very very very big dog we had here last week?

A big do at our pet friendly holiday cottatages

A Very Big Dog

Have a look at the attached photo. I wasn’t going to get  too close to that as it might have tried to eat me. I did, however, try and sneak into his cottage as I figure that a dog that size must get very very big dinners (unlike my meager offerings) but I kept getting shooed out. Someone had warned them.

We were promised a walk – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking after master

So much for our promised walk yesterday. We were supposed to go from our peak district cottages over to Chatsworth for a nice walk and picnic. Its great over at Chatsworth at this time of year although we do seem to have to be on our leads more often than at other times of year. Something about breeding season and us chasing young birds etc – as IF. But master decided he was ill  stayed in bed all day (mistress thinks its had ‘Man flu’. Mistress could have taken us. But then maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good idea as we would have taken hours just to go a few 100 yards as she ‘stops to see the view’ so often its hardly any point moving. Master did get up about 7:00PM by which time of course it was too late to go out.  I must admit he did look a bit rough.  A bit like Smudge after a day with his duvet. No actually. Thinking about it.  Smudge just looks like that most of the time.

pet friendly holiday cottages

Me 'helping' with the clearing up

We did get a few fun hours in the sun helping mistress plant out her new bedding shrubs and played with the handyman while he was trying to paint the children’s swings etc but not really the same as going for a nice walk. At last it is getting warmer and I can laze in the courtyard.  We have a very very very big dog here this week. His name is Winston. He came last year but I don’t remember him being this big. We both keep a respectable distance from him – just in case.

Because master has been ill I have not been taken on any trips down town or out to any exciting building merchants etc. Hopefully he will be better soon and we can do the ‘bonding’ bit again.

A morning of Peace – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me chilled out

For the last 6 months we have been storing our local village hall tables and chairs at our peak district cottages.  This was to enable the old village hall at Over Haddon to be knocked down and a new one built. Well on Saturday master took the tables and chairs back and helped with the setting up of the hall etc. The good news was that he took idiot brother with him. So I got a whole morning and much of the afternoon free from him. It was wonderful. I could laze in the courtyard without being pestered and check what mistress was up to without being interrupted. Wonderful. Why can’t master take him away more often.

the village hall near our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

The new village hall

Its been very hectic around here again as everyone starts getting the cottages ready for summer.  All the outside furniture is being repainted, and all the fencing, trellis work, paths  etc are being washed. One problem I have is that I have this nagging worry that if I sit around long enough I might get painted. I certainly got wet when master was washing down the steps in front of reception.  Thank goodness all that has finished.

wagtail at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Us watching for the wagtail - we will get him next time

We had a good week for food this week as a number of people forgot mistresses warnings and I managed to sneak in when they weren’t looking. I have a feeling one of the bowls had something strange in the food as it seemed to make me a bit lively – which is a bit odd for me. Anyhow all food is food so no harm done.

We had a bit of  a duvet day on Thursday as master and mistress had to go to a Tourism Conference. As usual NO dogs. I slept the time away but of course idiot brother was up and barking at every noise. Which is just inconsiderate. Why can’t he just chill out or someone put a muzzle on him