A walk to Sheldon – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Its MY stick

Our friend Mozart left from our cottages (click here) on Saturday. We had enjoyed running around the fields with him. Smudge was double disappointed as Mozart’s owners kept giving us little treats. In fact Smudge keeps popping over to Dove Cottage just to make sure they have gone. The weather is now picking up nicely and we are being allowed outside more. Its rather pleasant lying in the sun in the courtyard watching Smudge going from cottage to cottage looking for food.

On Sunday we had a very pleasant walk over to Sheldon (a village a couple of miles away from us). Mistress wanted to go over and have a look at a historical display that was on in the village hall.  We of course had to stay outside.

Blue in lathkill dale near our peak disticr cottages

Just checking for a better route

Why do so many places have a No Dogs policy.  I would have been interested in the history of Sheldon. After all I do wander over there quite often (much to to the dismay of Mistress). Anyhow it was a nice walk and because we know all the fields and the farmers, we were allowed off our leads all the way there and all the way back.

I got into a bit of trouble last week. The farmer has been spraying slurry on some of the back fields. This is a great invitation to go rolling.

Problem is, I over did it a bit. I have to admit Smudge did warn me but I sort of got lost in the joy of being able to cover myself in slurry.  Master was absolutely furious when I got back.

lambing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lambing time

I suppose I did look a bit of a state. At least I got hosed down in our new en-suite rather than outside.


Spring is nearly here – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Spring at last!

As you can see, the snowdrops are out at our peak district cottages and the sun is shining. So I assume spring must be on its way.  I hope so. At long last we are allowed outside a bit more which means I can get rid of idiot brother and have some peace and quiet to doze in the sun while he runs off here and there being an ‘idiot’.

I was very pleased with myself yesterday as I managed to catch a mouse.

fileds at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Might be something edible!

Idiot brother thinks it must have been dead already for me to have caught it, but it wasn’t. I was in our back field when I suddenly spotted it. I slowly stalked it giving it my best Collie stare (which transfixes a cow at 20 paces – sometimes) and then pounced on it. Actually I think I was as shocked as it was. Usually I miss! Anyway we had a pleasant afternoon out in the sun helping mistress plant out some shrubs. Not sure why she bothers as they will probably be dead by next year but she seems happy. Master of course, as usual, was doing some more work on the house. One day he might finish.

smudge getting washed at our peak district cottages

Not sure about this new en-suite

I heard mistress talking about the cows coming back shortly. That will give idiot brother something to think about as he is scared stiff of them and hides behind the fence – at least we all know where he is. Me – I don’t mind them. They’re just big silly things that are fun to play with. Its the sheep that worry me.

We have a new friend that arrived for the week called Mozart. He is one of US (a Collie)! We are looking forward to playing with him and showing him our fields.

A Walk from Beeley – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me out for a walk

We were taken for a nice long walk yesterday. We started at Beeley (near Chatsworth House) which is only a few miles from our peak district cottages. Smudge managed to get a bit mucky but I managed to stay out of the puddles.  We had a few encounters with some nasty looking sheep but by staying close to master they seemed to keep away from me.  The best part was that we were off our leads for most of the walk, so we could explore at our leisure.

a walk near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Mistress navigating a stile

Which was just as well as mistress was her normal slow, plodding, admiring the view, self. As usual we had to stop to find where our house was on the far hill side.  Why bother? We know where it is – its here! Luckily mistress found it quite quickly so we could move on. Lunch was a bit of a success as we managed to get a few tit-bits.  Master  had brought along a fold-able frisbee for us to play with. Well Smudge of course didn’t want to play but I had a few goes at fetching it until I got bored.

blue at our peak distirct cottages

Not happy!

Our new en-suite is now operational. No one told us that all we get is a COLD tap. What is wrong with the shower? It is nice and warm.  In fact, no one warned us that the en-suite was for washing us down. We thought it was an extra room for us. I suppose it is better than been washed down in the cold outside but not a lot better. I hope it doesn’t mean we will get washed even more often.

Back in our room – Smudge

Thank goodness. We are, at long last, back in OUR room at our peak district cottages. It’s still a bit worrying that our food isn’t back where it is supposed to be but I am a bit happier now I know where mistress has taken it to.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Not too sure about this!

Our room has been transformed.  Instead of a cramped, cozy, ‘lived in’ feel room we now get a bright, airy uncluttered, paint smelling room (with en-suite). I was much happier with our old room but I suppose things have to move on. Mistress seems delighted with the new look room and I suppose we will grow into it.  A few careful muddy shakes here and there should make it feel more like our old home. I do rather like our new duvet though.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Ok. Its not too bad!

Its been fascinating watching master over the last few weeks. We don’t often get the opportunity to be with him all day (he is usually working in or around the cottages or at his computer).  He does get very annoyed when things don’t go the way he wants them to. He also seems to get very annoyed with me if I hang around a bit too closely. I am just interested to see what is going on. After all it is our home too.

We all went along to see the snowdrops at Hopton Hall last week.

Hopton Hall near our Peak District cottages

Snowdrops at Hopton Hall

Well when I say we, it turns out that they don’t allow dogs round the grounds, so we (idiot brother and me) had to stay in the car. I didn’t mind too much except for the incessant woofing by idiot brother whenever someone passed the car. I could have got a good nap in but for him. Mistress seemed to enjoy the snowdrops anyhow.