Room ‘make-over’ – Blue

blue at our pet friendly cottages

OK! Where do you want me to start.

Its all happening at our peak district cottages. We are having a ‘Make-Over’ of OUR room. Its all very exciting. All our things have been moved out and master is busy painting walls, ceilings, woodwork etc. Our bed and cage etc have been moved out and our bed seems to wander around the house. So its great fun trying to find where mistress has put it this time. I’ve been over to Chesterfield with master to choose the colour scheme. I was all for ‘dirty muddy field’ colour but I got vetoed.  Don’t know why as I think it would be most appropriate. Its a very practical colour as Mistress wouldn’t be able to tell if it was dirty or not and we might get away without been wiped down so often.  It is now just a mater of time before we can move back in.

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Spring is in the Air!

I have offered to help with the painting on lots of occasions but master seems to want to do it himself.  Our en-suite is nearly finished. We are going to have a new shower and paw washing facility.  Our hope is that we will get washed down inside rather than out in the freezing cold. The en-suite has under floor heating, hot and cold water and even a fan heater to dry us off –  so the whole washing thing should be a nicer experience. Smudge should be grateful rather than wandering around looking grumpy. Mistress has also promised us a new set of bedding. Not sure why as I rather liked the old lived in set. Our bed is usually an old double duvet from the cottages so it is always big enough for both of us to snuggle into.

Smudge of course has been totally traumatised by the whole ‘make over’ thing. He just can’t cope with change. He likes things as they are. Me, I am game for anything.  Smudge nearly died of fright the other day. Mistress moved our food from its normal spot to make room for some new cupboards.  I think Smudge thought she might be throwing it away. He is always a bit sensitive about his food.

We got snow again yesterday but it seems to have gone now. I had lots of fun chasing the snow flakes and helping Master to clear the drive. Even Smudge joined in the fun in the end. At least he was a bit happier for a few minutes – took the worry about his moved food off his mind.

Evicted – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

What have they done to OUR room.

I am not happy!! What have they done to our room? All of a sudden we are homeless! We were taken out for our morning walk around our peak district cottages by mistress and when we got back our cage, bed everything had gone. How am I supposed to hide when I no longer have a cage to hide in. Master is apparently repainting our room. Why? It was all nice and comfortable and  had that sort of  ‘lived in feel’ to it, which is very important to a dog. Now it smells of paint and we still haven’t got our cage and bed back.

What is worse is if we sneak in to see how things are going, we are chased out. One day we were completely banned and had to spend the day in the hall/lounge. Something about us making a mess of the paintwork  (as if). Its our room why can’t we see what is going on. Did anyone ask us if we wanted a change – NO!

smudge at our peak district cottages

Doesn't look edible to me!

In addition our bed seems to wander around the house. Sometimes we find it in the kitchen, then it gets moved into the hall, then its back in the kitchen. Sometimes it is back in our room but without our cage – I don’t know where that has gone.

Master keeps saying that we look out of sorts and grumpy. Well what can you expect when your bed isn’t where it is suppose to be and the rest of your home keeps moving.

Lots of friends to stay- Smudge

Smudge Checking his dinner

Whats for Dinner?

Its getting busier at our (click here). Master has at long last finished the carpeting in the cottages (so he is less grumpy) and we now have people arriving. This weekend we had loads of friends staying so we spent quite a while showing them where the best smells were and were to hide if you don’t want to go back inside. But generally we just played around with them in the fields or paddock. The other advantage of more people being around is that I am more likely to get fed. In fact all in all its not been a bad week for tit-bits. One of the workmen always gave me a few bits from his lunch, one of our regular guests was always good for a dog treat and a few of the others could be cajoled into giving me a few bits if I put on my ‘I am Cute and starving’ look.

Smudge in one of our peak district cottages

Inspecting the workmanship

We had another visit to the vets. Our second booster or something like that. I really don’t understand what the fuss is all about. Most dogs we talk to don’t like the vets at all. I don’t mind. We get a load of fuss and some treats.  I don’t like the getting there bit as it means going in the CAR. But once we are there its fine. They weren’t quite as generous this time as last time. I didn’t get any treats to take home with me.  They still seem to think I am the correct weight which is absolute nonsense. You only have to look at me to realise I am bordering on starving and very malnourished – therefore I need feeding up.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Its been a hard day.

At long last I have my job back – ‘Fire Supervisor’.  We haven’t had a fire for weeks as mistress will only put it on if its cold outside but this Sunday she put it on again.  I lay there all Sunday, keeping a very careful eye on it.  Master did try and send us outside in the afternoon but I was having none of that. I need to keep a constant check on the fire (besides it was raining and cold outside).

A walk from Calver – Blue

Smudge and blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

And all we get is water

Its been very hectic around here at our peak district cottages. Master is still installing carpets and generally being grumpy.  I have been able to help here and there and did manage to take him out a few times to get some materials he needed (not that he appreciated it).  He does tend to get a bit up tight when he is fitting carpet. Not sure why – it looks easy enough to me.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on a small bridge

Smudge of course has been soaking up the sympathy since he hurt his paw (serves him right). I did get some of the fall out from his ‘injury’ (he isn’t even limping – whenever I hurt myself I never get any sympathy) because he got taken to the vet, master remembered that we hadn’t had our yearly booster so I got dragged down to the vet by mistress. How unfair is that? Smudge hurts himself and I get an injection!

the river derwent near our peak district cottages

The River Derwent near Calver

Anyway it isn’t all doom and gloom we did get taken out for a walk. We started by walking up the River Derwent then through Calver (10 mins from Bolehill Cottages) and then up a steep hill (as usual mistress took ages) to the  top of Bramley Plantation where we were supposed to stop for lunch. Good!  I thought. On the last walk we didn’t do too bad for tit-bits. But oh no! We had to find somewhere with a ‘view’. Why? We are having lunch not admiring the landscape. So on we trudged for a few more miles until at last mistress found a spot that was suitable (with a view). We did get a few tit-bits from mistress but as usual nothing from master. The rest of the walk was all downhill so mistress managed to keep up.

We seem to have lost our marauding hoard of sheep. They seem to have disappeared across the road where they can’t get at us.  Just as well!  I was never very sure about them. They looked a bit vicious to me.